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A modern dynamic tile server built on top of FastAPI and Rasterio/GDAL.

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Titiler, pronounced tee-tiler (ti is the diminutive version of the french petit which means small), is a set of python modules that focus on creating FastAPI application for dynamic tiling.

Note: This project is the descendant of cogeo-tiler and cogeo-mosaic-tiler.



Starting with version 0.3.0, the TiTiler python module has been splitted into a set of python namespace packages: titiler.{package}.

Package Version Description
titiler.core titiler.core The Core package contains libraries to help creating dynamic tiler for COG and STAC
titiler.mosaic titiler.mosaic The mosaic package contains libraries to help creating dynamic tiler for MosaicJSON (adds cogeo-mosaic requirement)
titiler.application titiler.application TiTiler's demo package. Contains a FastAPI application with full support of COG, STAC and MosaicJSON


$ pip install -U pip

# From Pypi
$ pip install titiler.{package}
# e.g
# pip install titiler.core
# pip install titiler.mosaic
# pip install titiler.application

# Or from sources
$ git clone
$ cd titiler && pip install -e titiler/core titiler/mosaic titiler/application


Ready to use/deploy images can be found on Docker Hub and AWS public ECR registery.

docker run --name titiler \
    -p 8000:8000 \
    --env PORT=8000 \
    --env WORKERS_PER_CORE=1 \
    --rm -it developmentseed/titiler
docker run --name titiler \
    -p 8000:8000 \
    --env PORT=8000 \
    --env WORKERS_PER_CORE=1 \
    --rm -it
  • Built the docker locally
$ git clone
$ cd titiler

$ export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=...
$ docker-compose build
$ docker-compose up

Some options can be set via environment variables, see:

Project structure

titiler/                         - titiler modules.
 ├── application/                - Titiler's `Application` package
 ├── core/                       - Titiler's `Core` package
 └── mosaic/                     - Titiler's `Mosaic` package

Contribution & Development





Created by Development Seed

See contributors for a listing of individual contributors.



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