Build your own Raster dynamic map tile services
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Tileserver Gl1,7365116 hours ago33December 14, 2020205otherJavaScript
Vector and raster maps with GL styles. Server side rendering by MapLibre GL Native. Map tile server for MapLibre GL JS, Android, iOS, Leaflet, OpenLayers, GIS via WMTS, etc.
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GRASS GIS - free and open source Geographic Information System (GIS)
6 days ago31apache-2.0Jupyter Notebook
interactive notebooks from Planet Engineering
Titiler49024 days ago42June 09, 202220mitPython
Build your own Raster dynamic map tile services
Gdal Docker106
4 years ago7Shell
A Dockerfile compiling the latest GDAL github checkout with a broad range of drivers
Makina Maps84
7 months ago13bsd-3-clauseJavaScript
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Docker Postgis63
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Tile Generation27
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A collection of tools--with (hopefully) clear documentation--for generating raster map tiles from vector map data and a Mapbox GL style.
Building Detection8
3 years ago2otherPython
Raster Vision Fastai Plugin7
3 years ago4otherPython
PyTorch/fastai backend plugin for Raster Vision
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A modern dynamic tile server built on top of FastAPI and Rasterio/GDAL.

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Documentation: https://devseed.com/titiler/

Source Code: developmentseed/titiler

Titiler, pronounced tee-tiler (ti is the diminutive version of the french petit which means small), is a set of python modules that focus on creating FastAPI application for dynamic tiling.

Note: This project is the descendant of cogeo-tiler and cogeo-mosaic-tiler.



Starting with version 0.3.0, the TiTiler python module has been split into a set of python namespace packages: titiler.{package}.

Package Version Description
titiler.core titiler.core The Core package contains libraries to help create a dynamic tiler for COG and STAC
titiler.extensions titiler.extensions TiTiler's extensions package. Contains extensions for Tiler Factories.
titiler.mosaic titiler.mosaic The mosaic package contains libraries to help create a dynamic tiler for MosaicJSON (adds cogeo-mosaic requirement)
titiler.application titiler.application TiTiler's demo package. Contains a FastAPI application with full support of COG, STAC and MosaicJSON


To install from PyPI and run:

$ pip install -U pip
$ pip install uvicorn
$ pip install titiler.{package}
# e.g.,
# pip install titiler.core
# pip install titiler.extensions
# pip install titiler.mosaic
# pip install titiler.application (also installs core, extensions and mosaic)
$ uvicorn titiler.application.main:app

To install from sources and run for development:

$ git clone https://github.com/developmentseed/titiler.git
$ cd titiler
$ pip install -e src/titiler/core -e src/titiler/extensions -e src/titiler/mosaic -e src/titiler/application
$ pip install uvicorn
$ uvicorn titiler.application.main:app --reload


Ready to use/deploy images can be found on Github registry.

docker run --name titiler \
    -p 8000:8000 \
    --env PORT=8000 \
    --env WORKERS_PER_CORE=1 \
    --rm -it ghcr.io/developmentseed/titiler:latest
  • Built the docker locally
$ git clone https://github.com/developmentseed/titiler.git
$ cd titiler

$ docker-compose up --build titiler  # or titiler-uvicorn

Some options can be set via environment variables, see: tiangolo/uvicorn-gunicorn-docker

Project structure

src/titiler/                     - titiler modules.
 ├── application/                - Titiler's `Application` package
 ├── extensions/                 - Titiler's `Extensions` package
 ├── core/                       - Titiler's `Core` package
 └── mosaic/                     - Titiler's `Mosaic` package

Contribution & Development





Created by Development Seed

See contributors for a listing of individual contributors.



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