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Simple Badges: Website

Awesome Simple Icons on your favorite Badges. Find it at Here.

What is this?

Simple Badges is a fork of the original Simple Icons website, which made a combination of original icons with multiple styles of badges to help you to find your favorite badges in a easy way.

Where can I use this?

I've seen people use Shields.IO badges for various scenarios, the most common one is use it for your GitHub profile README to showcase your skills JS, your software Android or even things you like Minecraft.

However, that is certainly not its only use. Be creative!

How to use this?

  1. Search the badge you want
  2. Choice a style of badge to copy its URL
  3. Link the image wherein you wish!

That's it! You can check Mastering Markdown for details about adding image to your README.


How often this page is updated?

The repo will fetch the latest version of Simple Icons everyday and post any updates if available.

I can' t find the badge I want, what should I do?

You can initiate a new icon request directly to the Simple Icons team at here.

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