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DeckDeckGo - The open source web editor for presentations. 🚀

Create a PWA presentation using either our online editor or our developer kit with HTML or Markdown.

Cherry on the cake 🍒🎂 DeckDeckGo comes with a Progressive Web App to remote control your slides. 📱

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Table of contents

Getting Started

Start your new presentation using our 👉 online Editor 👈 or as a developer by following the quick Getting Started guide.


The developers' documentation is available online at


Are you interested to contribute to our open source project? That would be awesome 👍 Have a look to our contributing guide to get started.

Progressive Web Apps

Project Version Online Links
Studio version
Remote control version
Documentation version
Demo version Repo

Web Components

Project Package Version Links
Core @deckdeckgo/core version
Charts @deckdeckgo/charts version
Color @deckdeckgo/color version
Drag, Resize and Rotate @deckdeckgo/drag-resize-rotate version
Highlight code @deckdeckgo/highlight-code version
Inline editor @deckdeckgo/inline-editor version
Lazy image @deckdeckgo/lazy-img version
QR-Code @deckdeckgo/qrcode version
Remote @deckdeckgo/remote version
Social @deckdeckgo/social version
Youtube @deckdeckgo/youtube version

Web Components - Slides/Templates

Project Package Version Links
Author @deckdeckgo/slide-author version
Aspect Ratio @deckdeckgo/slide-aspect-ratio version
Big Image @deckdeckgo/slide-big-img version
Chart @deckdeckgo/slide-chart version
Code @deckdeckgo/slide-code version
Content @deckdeckgo/slide-content version
Countdown @deckdeckgo/slide-countdown version
Gif @deckdeckgo/slide-gif version
Poll @deckdeckgo/slide-poll version
QR Code @deckdeckgo/slide-qrcode version
Split @deckdeckgo/slide-split version
Title @deckdeckgo/slide-title version
Video @deckdeckgo/slide-video version
Youtube @deckdeckgo/slide-youtube version

Utils for the Web Components

Project Package Version Links
Deck Utils @deckdeckgo/deck-utils version
Remote Utils @deckdeckgo/remote-utils version
Slide Utils @deckdeckgo/slide-utils version
Types @deckdeckgo/types version
Utils @deckdeckgo/utils version


Project Package Version Links
Backend version
CLI create-deckdeckgo version
Cloud version
Starter kit version Repo
WAI Lambda Repo
Webpack plugins deckdeckgo-webpack-plugins version

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