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POK3R keyboard layouts for Windows and OS X/Mac
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1599 days ago52January 14, 202239mitSwift
A very flexible message bar for iOS written in Swift.
2 days ago494apache-2.0Kotlin
An open-source keyboard for Android which respects your privacy. Currently in early-beta.
83 years ago14October 22, 201836mitObjective-C
Help you pop up custom views easily. and support pop-up animation, layout position, mask effect and gesture interaction etc.
7 days ago26mitPython
Split the window however you like! Create new panes, delete panes, move and clone views from pane to pane.
110 months ago10December 16, 20199mitSwift
⌨️ KeyboardLayoutGuide, back from when it didn't exist.
Nwm758218 years ago8September 09, 201511mitJavaScript
Tiling window manager for X11 written in Node.js
Keyboard Layout Editor643
3 years ago119otherJavaScript
Web application to enable the design & editing of keyboard layouts
Pok3r Layouts549
5 years ago15
POK3R keyboard layouts for Windows and OS X/Mac
Vim Xkbswitch443
5 months ago15mitVim Script
vim plugin for automatic keyboard layout switching in insert mode
a year ago2mitJava
Alternatives To Pok3r Layouts
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POK3R keyboard layouts for Windows and OSX

For those who don't know what a POK3R keyboard is, this is a decent review. Multiple sources to buy, e.g. amazon, mechanicalkeyboards.com

The following layers are used in either OS:

  • Windows: Layer 2 (blue LED), switch to it with: FN + ,<
  • OSX: Layer 3 (red LED), switch with: FN + .>

General POK3R programming info

  • POK3R User Manual; Vortex keeps shifting their URLs, so local copy (thanks @couto, @josephfusco)
  • Factory reset: Hold both the left and right ALT keys
  • Reset selected layer only: FN + R until LED under spacebar stops flashing

Programming of layers 2-4:

  • Default layer cannot be programmed
  • FN + R_Ctrl (use L_Ctrl if FN has been reassigned already) -> second LED under space bar is now lit
  • hit target key, then: new content (can be up to 32 char), then: PN (second LED will blink while programming)
  • FN + R_Ctrl to exit programming -> second LED extinguishes
  • During programming, use the keys as labelled on the keyboard, irrespective of any reassignments

Layer 2 (Blue) for Windows:

FN + ,< to switch to Layer 2

Resulting programming: Windows layout Windows Layout on keyboard-layout-editor.com

Layer 3 (Red) for OSX:

FN + . to switch to Layer 3

  • Move FN to L_Ctrl
  • FN + R_Ctrl to enter programming
  • Common bindings
  • Swap Cmd/Opt keys on both sides of space bar:
    • L_Cmd: L_Alt then: L_WIN then: PN
    • L_Option: L_WIN then: L_Alt then: PN
    • R_CMD: R_Alt then: R_FN (Win) then: PN
    • R_Option: R_FN (Win) then: R_Alt then: PN
  • FN + R_Ctrl to exit programming

Resulting programming: OSX layout OSX Layout on keyboard-layout-editor.com

Common key bindings for all OSs

  • CapsLock always as Ctrl:
    • CapsLock then: L_Ctrl then: PN to confirm
    • FN + CapsLock then: L_Ctrl then: PN to confirm
  • VIM like HJKL and Page Up/Down:
    • Left: FN + H then: FN + J then: PN
    • Down: FN + J then: FN + K then: PN
    • Up: FN + K then: FN + I then: PN
    • PgDown: FN + F then: FN + O then: PN
    • PgUp: FN + B then: FN + U then: PN
  • Home: FN + I then: FN + H then: PN
  • Volume controls:
    • Mute: FN + X then: FN + /? then: PN
    • Vol-: FN + C then: FN + ,< then: PN
    • Vol+: FN + V then: FN + .> then: PN

Move FN to L_Ctrl

HJKL as cursor keys are more ergonomical to reach by moving the FN to the left Ctrl key location:

  • Switch to Layer 2 (or 3, 4); this programming is per layer
  • Unplug keyboard
  • DIP switch 4 to ON
  • Plugin keyboard again, then press FN then: L_Ctrl then: PN then: PN (to leave it in its original location)
  • DIP switch 4 back to OFF (no need to unplug)


The how-to for these mappings is from 2 reddit threads:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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