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A reasonable collection of plugins to use alongside your main esLint configuration

This config is designed to be used alongside any of the major esLint configs, such as airbnb, standard or eslint:recommended. It provides a range of useful plugins that are often too time-consuming to setup and provides an easy way to install just the plugins you need, based on your project's dependencies.


To install this config, run the following command.

npm install eslint-config-adjunct --save-dev


Extend your .eslintrc, with adjunct, which should be the last item in the extends array. For example if your using eslint-config-airbnb as your main rule set, your .eslintrc should look like the following. For more advanced use cases see the example configurations for TypeScript and Vue.

  "extends": ["airbnb", "adjunct"]

You can now include html, json and markdown in the list of files passed to eslint to lint any JavaScript contained.

  "scripts": {
    "eslint": "eslint --color --ext .html,.js,.json,.jsx,.md *.* src",
    "eslint:fix": "npm run eslint -- --fix"

Install Dependencies

After you have configured eslint to include this package, the first time you run eslint it will output the npm command to install the dependencies required for your project. Cut'n'paste this command into the console, and you are then ready to start linting.


Code Quality

These two plugins provide a range of code quality rules:


The following plugins expand esLint to work with json files, and lint JavaScript contiained in HTML and MarkDown:

When linting code snippets in Markdown files, a few rules relating to globals and unused vars are disabled.

Library Plugins

These plugins will be loaded in based on your project dependencies in package.json. If a supported library is part of your project then it's related esLint plugins will be loaded. The following packages are supported:


The following esLint plugins enforce good coding practices:


If prettier is installed, any rules that may conflict with Prettier will be disabled. The plugin should read you Prettier config from your project's root.

The prettier configs for different eslint plugins are also automatically included based on which eslint plugins have been installed into your project.


These plugins add code security rules to esLint:

Test Libraries

Test plugins are loaded based on which testing tools you have listed in devDependencies of package.json. The following test plugins are supported:

For test files a few rules are turned off, to better to support normal unit test code styles.


In the most part the default rules are used for the plugins listed above, with the following exceptions.


Adds the fallthrough: 'never' option to the newline-between-switch-case rule.

// Good

switch (foo) {
  case 1:

  case 2:
  case 3:


Disabled rules

The following rules are disabled due to them being considered unduly restrictive or unhelpful.

  • jest/no-disabled-tests
  • react-redux/prefer-separate-component-file
  • redux-saga/no-unhandled-errors
  • lodash/prefer over native rules
  • lodash-fp/use-fp
  • unicorn/no-array-for-each
  • unicorn/no-fn-reference-in-iterator
  • unicorn/no-array-for-each
  • unicorn/no-reduce
  • unicorn/no-null
  • unicorn/prefer-number-properties
  • unicorn/prefer-optional-catch-binding
  • unicorn/prevent-abbreviations

The following rules are disabled due to clashing with other plugins

  • array-func/prefer-array-from
  • import/order
  • sort-imports


Copyright © 2019-21 David J. Bradshaw. Licensed under the MIT License.

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