A library that makes it easier to use the Avro serialization format from Ruby.
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a year ago41March 26, 20219mitRust
Flexible, Fast & Compact Serialization with RPC
Jackson Dataformats Binary2966895836 months ago123November 15, 202390apache-2.0Java
Uber-project for standard Jackson binary format backends: avro, cbor, ion, protobuf, smile
Kafka Connect File Pulse28957 months ago5July 05, 202330apache-2.0Java
🔗 A multipurpose Kafka Connect connector that makes it easy to parse, transform and stream any file, in any format, into Apache Kafka
Avro_turf16222207 months ago36October 02, 2023mitRuby
A library that makes it easier to use the Avro serialization format from Ruby.
5 years ago3August 17, 20175apache-2.0Python
:sunny: A tool for validating data using JSON Schema and converting JSON Schema documents into different data-interchange formats
Python Avro Json Serializer118
3 years ago1August 22, 20224otherPython
Serializes data into a JSON format using AVRO schema.
4 years ago20otherScala
Avro2TF is designed to fill the gap of making users' training data ready to be consumed by deep learning training frameworks.
Bdg Formats3859276 months ago29December 01, 2022apache-2.0Shell
Open source formats for scalable genomic processing systems using Avro. Apache 2 licensed.
11 years agoJava
Hadoop MapReduce tool to convert Avro data files to Parquet format.
2 years ago7November 01, 20219apache-2.0Go
Make record oriented data to columnar format.
Alternatives To Avro_turf
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