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This repository is back!

I'm moving back to vim from neovim. Reasons will be disclosde in the future, but it usually has to do with vim being still more ubiquous than neovim.

danirod's vimrc


This my vimrc setup. Keeping your vim setup in a Git repository is cool because you can track the changes you do to your set up, you can rollback if something goes wrong, you can branch and test new settings while keeping your base setup stable...

Also, pushing my vimrc to GitHub is nice because I have an online backup. In case I format my PC or want to install vim into a new computer, I just have to clone my repository and it's done.

There's another reason for pushing my vimrc setup online. You can share your setup with everybody, let people learn from what you're done. I like to browse other vimrc repos here at GitHub and learn from their experience. I know my vimrc setup is tiny and modest but I'm proud of it.


  • An UNIX box such as macOS, *BSD or GNU/Linux.
  • ViM 8.1. Some plugins will require +conceal.
  • Git is required to fetching the submodules.

MS Windows used to be supported. I haven't used ViM on Windows for a long time so I finally decided to remove Windows specific settings and .ps1 scripts from my repository.

Set up

Remember to pull the Git submodules.


This vimrc uses vim packs - a recently added feature for Vim 8. No external packages required to handle extensions to the language. My external packages are added as Git submodules which are set to be cloned in pack/.

I used to describe the plugins I use in this section of the README file, but I'm withdrawing these, as usually this section goes outdated really quick. Maybe in a future I'll make posts or videos about the plugins I use.


This is MY vimrc setup and it is opinionated and made to work how I want. Anyone can download and use my vimrc, but unless you and me are the same person, you'll probably find things that you don't want. It is OK. Use this vimrc as a starting point for making your own.

Under no circumstances I am responsible for any kind of damage derived from the use of this vimrc on your machine. If you lose files, if your Vim install breaks, if something explodes. My vimrc comes with no warranties. Again; you shouldn't play with my toys if you don't want to get hurt. (This doesn't mean my vimrc will hurt you, you know, but this is legal boilerplate to cover my ass in case something happens).

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