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Aura Theme

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Aura Theme is a beautiful dark theme including variants focused on long-term work without causing any discomfort to the eyes. Available now for Visual Studio Code, Hyper terminal, iTerm, Slack and Insomnia.


Visual Studio Code

Hyper Terminal





Contributions are always welcome.

There's a bunch of ways you can contribute to this project, like by:

  • 🔌 Making a port of this theme for another apps (ask first, please)
  • 👋 Requesting a port
  • 🐞 Reporting a bug
  • 📄 Improving this documentation
  • 🚨 Sharing this project and recommending it to your friends
  • 💵 Supporting this project on Patreon
  • 🐛 Funding an issue on IssueHunt
  • 🌟 Dropping a star on this repository
  • 👍 Voting on ProductHunt


MIT © Dalton Menezes

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