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Launch kit

An awesome, must-have toolkit and a protocol for the Genesis launch. This toolkit provides a launch protocol to cosmos-based networks. A recommended workflow and the necessary tools for the compilation of genesis.json. It also includes a crisis protocol.

The network launch is a complex process with many complex factors. It starts with distribution development and does not conclude with the first block of the network.

This repo is an example of a working launch process of cyber. It is not a unique method for launching all types of projects, but the experience that we share can be very useful to others.


Launch protocol

The protocol has three zones:

  • Genesis preparation
  • Network and contracts running
  • Finalization

The Genesis preparation zone is used for collecting addresses for distribution, distribution parameters, network parameters, and genesis transactions. All the collected data is integrating into genesis.json, using the network_genesis.json template.

This zone is also about set upping a DAO as a future, governing entity.

The network and contracts running zone is the stage between block #1 of the launch and the latest block of the network. The latest block is defined by the results of the takeoff donation round. In other words: the latest block should come after all of the pending DAO commitments. This zone is defined as a danger zone because of a possible fault risk of the network, the contracts or both of them.

This zone contains three major events:

  • Deploying the web app for interacting with the network and DAO functions
  • Start of the takeoff donation round
  • Deploying Auction contracts
  • Token distribution

The finalization zone should be used after token distribution (as pended commitment). The main event of this zone is preparing for the mainnet.

launch workflow


  1. Develop your distribution for the launch. This is the most important step in this guide. What is the total genesis supply? Which communities should be involved? How to distribute tokens? What method for distribution you want to use? How many tokens you want to distribute to the foundation, team, donors, inventors and so on. You can see our example at the distribution directory.

  2. According to your distribution, set up the cyber_distribution.json and manual_distribution.json files with the necessary values. More about that in the distribution directory.

  3. Set the parameters for the network. In the params directory you are welcome to open discussions about your great params decisions. Put all the params inside of the network_genesis.json.

  4. Select a set of tools for preparing the genesis accounts. This refers to communities gifts if your distribution includes any gifts for communities (like ours). There are two ways to include a group of addresses in the genesis file:

  • Using the genesis-generator-tool built-in method (quadratic function)
  • Using a custom method

In the first case, you just need a .csv file with the addresses and the native chain balances. The genesis-generator tool will parse the distribution files and apply the quadratic function for this group.

Notice. The addresses should be converted into the format that is suited to your network. For further details, see the provided converter.

In the second case, you can calculate the balances as you wish, and the genesis generator tool just inserts it in the right format. But you should take care of the distribution sum by yourself. This sum should be compatible with the values at cyber_distribution.json. More technical details in the genesis-generator-tool.

  1. After you have prepared all the files you need to move them to the genesis-generator-tool/data and start the genesis generation.


Network params

The network params are available at the params README

Distribution params

The distribution params are available at the distribution README

Crisis protocol

We can not guarantee that everything will go as expected. The software can be vulnerable. If anything goes wrong, cyber~Congress as the organiser of the game, has the full power of deciding whether the game must be restarted without any rewards or restarted with partial rewards, depending on the circumstances. In the case, such a circumstance shall arise we are going to count with community opinions.

We define 2 danger zones with probabilities to unexpected behaviour and one zone as an intersection of the defined zones:

  • Network running
  • Contracts running
  • The intersection of the two above

In case anything goes wrong, we’ve prepared a crisis protocol.

If the network will fail:

  1. Stop the contracts (claim app)
  2. Save current euler snapshot
  3. Relaunch next euler with previous euler genesis.json
  4. Start the contracts (claim app)

If the contracts will fail:

  1. Stop the contracts (claim app)
  2. Pool bounty
  3. Redeploy the contracts (claim app)
  4. Continue the auction

If everything gets fucked up from both ends, then:

  1. Stop the contracts (claim app)
  2. Save current euler snapshot
  3. One week pause for community discussions. And for cyber~Congress to make a decision

Points of truth

File name Description IPFS hash
cosmos.csv cosmos network balances state at block 1110000 QmcgfjcNwucHrSrWFNxKGYLjLouedYjyeP3hRrqD6P8m9K
ethereum.csv State of the Ethereum network balances on block 8080808, excluding contracts and addresses without, at least, one outgoing transaction QmVCMwK3273Wb4gddzmxiitquCe844Qe63SWVyWFA8gEsT
galaxies_balance.csv Galaxy balances for non-contract addresses with at least one outgoing transaction, on block 9110129 QmR7nbMZDrQE5wLoUhgKJ6pZiUkCyJ4bCfgDEyWGfH3SvJ
stars_balance.csv Stars balances of non-contract addresses, with at least one outgoing transaction, on block 9110129 QmUkXZcHB9L3cg2uqMC5ejkCaD3eWsZRmyuWtdATxZUMKj
planets_balance.csv Planet balances of non-contract addresses, with at least one outgoing transaction, on block 9110129 QmZjc2KEQMpvK3dudsyar1Qzq6e4M5ds3CCteUXbne6zxs
Unsigned euler-6 genesis.json QmYrZuyMvskb2tkY65Go1Dadh1axXjY4x3VfFadaSSRf8b
cyber_distribution Distribution by user group for euler-5/6 QmfW6pEsHnC76ZWwGgtbhnRq4fJrUdiU9tz9M2oUnw3JNr
manual_distribution.json Manual distribution inside of the groups for euler-5/6 QmbEX1yNqCXbLF9fqQbJrE58zm4EXF2A8K6WDy9LjXSecd
network_genesis.json The genesis.json template with current params for euler-6 QmNboiSbS4TP6xptek6uyUnuxL3uL4Xef9qbyR7BvuH8Sf
cyberlinks.json Euler-5 cyberlinks by address on block 1580000 block QmNsDrgrJfGvs4Z6mg7XU5KMjg49FGtjUET1NqNoCynrzP
precommits.csv Precommit count by validators on euler-5 testnet on block 1580000 QmdfktVx9jpRx45WTAW9YkfbVijr2pC1AyvuhcS2bSgULk
Signed euler-6 genesis.json QmZHpLc3H5RMXp3Z4LURNpKgNfXd3NZ8pZLYbjNFPL6T5n

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