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Bostrom: Superintelligence 🔵 grow here

Community Preview of Bostrom network.

From Euler to Bostrom evolution we have:

  1. Stargate upgrade / IBC
  2. New Resorces System
  3. Routing of Energy
  4. System Entropy + experimental reputation
  5. Programs earn from execution fees!
  6. Cron module!
  7. Supercharged VM
  8. VM bindings to Knowledge Graph
  9. Backlinks
  10. No documentation yet

PS: Try


Chain-ID: bostrom-testnet-2

Genesis: QmfCp3M7cAu6PfANSpffM8mo45begGvRxrkgkkEBvtgyq9

Build: make install

Run: cyber start

  • default mode set to CPU for current testnet

Bostrom (cyber) - v0.2.0-beta2

For better network stability please update your .cyber/config/config.toml lines as following:

addr_book_strict = false

persistent_peers_max_dial_period = "200s"

allow_duplicate_ip = true

How to migrate from bostrom-testnet-2 to bostrom-testnet-3

If you have your bostrom-testnet-2 node running on our docker container do:

docker stop bostrom-testnet-2
docker rm bostrom-testnet-2
docker rmi cyberd/cyber:bostrom-testnet-3
docker run -d --gpus all --name=bostrom-testnet-3 --restart always -p 26656:26656 -p 26657:26657 -p 1317:1317 -e ALLOW_SEARCH=true -v $HOME/.cyber:/root/.cyber  cyberd/cyber:bostrom-testnet-3

This will pull new image and replace genesis and cyber binary to correct versions.

If you have your node on somehow custom setup, you need to:

  1. Replace your genesis.json to new one

  2. Buid new cyber binary from release v0.2.0-beta2 and replace old one with it

  3. Start the node

Config for Relayer



cyber tx staking delegate bostromvaloper1hmkqhy8ygl6tnl5g8tc503rwrmmrkjcqf92r73 100000000boot --from <name> --chain-id bostrom-testnet-2 --gas 150000 --gas-prices 0.01boot --yes --node "tcp://"   


cyber tx resources investmint 75000000sboot volt 86400 --from <name> --chain-id bostrom-testnet-2 --gas 160000 --gas-prices 0.01boot --yes --node "tcp://"

cyber tx resources investmint 25000000sboot amper 86400 --from <name> --chain-id bostrom-testnet-2 --gas 160000 --gas-prices 0.01boot --yes --node "tcp://"

Cyberlink and Explore:

cyber tx graph cyberlink QmdVWtX17m7UvF8FcvNLTJxcpxv2fSJd7Z3VBoYxxW9Qpu Qmb9xPYYwHt1F3bQysKCZzXRzAT8QLvAyMe5DyPy4rene8 --from <name> --chain-id bostrom-testnet-2 --yes --node "tcp://



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