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Bostrom: Superintelligence 🔵 grow here

Special to HackAtom RU! Community Preview of Bostrom network.

From Euler to Bostrom evolution we have:

  1. Stargate upgrade / IBC
  2. New Resorces System
  3. Routing of Energy
  4. EntropyRank + experimental reputation
  5. Programs earn from execution fees!
  6. Cron module!
  7. Supercharged VM
  8. VM bindings to Knowledge Graph
  9. Backlinks
  10. No documentation yet

PS: Try on Euler-6 network


Chain-ID: bostromdev-1

Genesis: QmSB76Ggfswc9AxwHmSAP7QCigW7fqaX9RfXs51uUreVwH

Build: make install

Run: cyber start

  • default mode set to CPU for current testnet

Bostrom (cyber) - v0.2.0-alpha1

Config for Relayer


Setup you Energy:

cyber tx resources convert 1000000nick volt 10000 --from <name> --chain-id bostromdev-1 --gas-prices 0.001nick
cyber tx resources convert 1000000nick amper 10000 --from <name> --chain-id bostromdev-1 --gas-prices 0.001nick

Cyberlink and Explore:

cyber tx graph create QmUX9mt8ftaHcn9Nc6SR4j9MsKkYfkcZqkfPTmMmBgeTe3 QmUX9mt8ftaHcn9Nc6SR4j9MsKkYfkcZqkfPTmMmBgeTe8 --from <name> --chain-id bostromdev-1

'Create a Digital Life' bounty:

  • Launch a contract that will create cyberlinks based upon a strategy that drives you.
  • Get your contract to cyberlink in autonomous mode. I.E. add your contract to the cron.
  • Get your contract to talk with your friends on other chains, using ibc-reflect, in autonomous mode. Your contract should be able to talk to other contracts, using IBC, autonomously

Repo with cosmwasm' bindings to cyber's modules


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