Streaming camera to web as MJPEG stream or individual JPEG snapshots. Providing embedded web UI for watching camera directly from a web browser.
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Webcam Capture2,109315226 months ago10January 17, 2018290mitJava
The goal of this project is to allow integrated or USB-connected webcams to be accessed directly from Java. Using provided libraries users are able to read camera images and detect motion. Main project consist of several sub projects - the root one, which contains required classes, build-in webcam driver compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS, which can stream images as fast as your camera can serve them (up to 50 FPS). Main project can be used standalone, but user is able to replace build-in driver with different one - such as OpenIMAJ, GStreamer, V4L4j, JMF, LTI-CIVIL, FMJ, etc.
a month ago365apache-2.0C
🔥🔥🔥Flexible and useful UVC camera engine on Android platform, supporting multi-road cameras!
6 months ago1January 28, 202113gpl-3.0Go
Turn any webcam into an IP camera
Esp32 Cam_mjpeg2sd463
14 days ago8gpl-3.0C++
ESP32 Camera motion capture application to record JPEGs to SD card as AVI files and stream to browser as MJPEG. If a microphone is installed then a WAV file is also created. Files can be uploaded via FTP or downloaded to browser.
Amazon Rekognition Video Analyzer254
3 years ago26otherJavaScript
A working prototype for capturing frames off of a live MJPEG video stream, identifying objects in near real-time using deep learning, and triggering actions based on an objects watch list.
Esp32 Cam Video Recorder253
2 years ago9gpl-3.0C++
Video Recorder for ESP32-CAM with http server for config and ftp (or http) server to download video
4 months agoC
STM32F4-Discovery USB Device UVC Camera examples
Mqtt Camera Streamer201
2 months ago13gpl-3.0Python
Stream images from a connected camera over MQTT, view using Streamlit, record to file and sqlite
Esp32 Cam Video Recorder Junior196
16 days ago13gpl-3.0C++
Simple fast version of ESP32-CAM-Video-Recorder
Ip Camera Bridge180
3 years ago19Batchfile
A MJPEG video streaming and virtual microphone driver for Windows which can make your Windows applications using IP Camera as WebCam with audio input.
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cam2web is an application, which allows streaming a camera to web as MJPEG stream (an URL to provide individual JPEGs is also available). It allows turning a conventional USB camera (or laptop's internal camera) into an IP camera accessible over HTTP. Versions of this application are provided for:

  • Windows - streaming cameras supporting DirectShow API;
  • Linux - streaming cameras supporting V4L2 API;
  • Raspberry Pi - streaming from Raspberry Pi Camera Module.

The streamed camera can be viewed as from different applications supporting MJPEG streams, as from a web browser. All versions of the application provide default web UI, which can be customized to get custom look and feel. If a camera supports settings like brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. - those are available to configure using the web UI (or REST API).

The cam2web application supports HTTP digest authentication and allows to configure who can view the camera or change its settings (for example, it can be viewed by everyone and configured only by users, or viewed by users and configured by admins only, etc).

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