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Webpack 5 Boilerplate

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A minimal webpack 5 boilerplate with only Babel, SASS and lodash (optional) on board


You only need node.js >=10.13.0 pre-installed and you’re good to go.

If you don’t want to work with lodash, just remove it from the node packages.


Download to target directory or use this repository as a template

$ curl -L -o && unzip && rm && mv ./webpack-boilerplate-master/{.,}* ./ && rm -r ./webpack-boilerplate-master


Install dependencies

$ npm install


Build the app in dev mode and run webpack serve with livereload and autocompile on

$ npm run dev


Build the app in production mode

$ npm run build


If you're not familiar with webpack, webpack serve will serve the static files in your build folder and watch your source files for changes. When changes are made the bundle will be recompiled. This modified bundle is served from memory at the relative path specified in publicPath.

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