Bitcoin Core RPC compatible, battle-tested .NET library and RPC wrapper for Bitcoin and Altcoins
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Core Lightning — Lightning Network implementation focusing on spec compliance and performance
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Database-free, self-hosted Bitcoin explorer, via RPC to Bitcoin Core.
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A modern Bitcoin Core REST and RPC client.
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blockchain reference and demos
3 years ago10November 19, 20233mitC#
Bitcoin Core RPC compatible, battle-tested .NET library and RPC wrapper for Bitcoin and Altcoins
Docker Bitcoin Core307
8 months ago1mitDockerfile
A bitcoin-core docker image
Alternatives To Bitcoinlib
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.NET Bitcoin & Altcoins library


  • Compatible with Bitcoin Core RPC API.
  • Strongly-typed structures for complex RPC requests and responses.
  • Implicit JSON casting for all RPC messages.
  • Extended methods for every-day scenarios where the built-in methods fall short.
  • Exposure of all RPC API's functionality as well as the extended methods through a single interface.
  • Custom RPC exceptions.
  • Supports all Bitcoin clones.
  • Can operate on unlimited daemons with a single library reference.
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, SmartCash, Dash and other Altcoins included.
  • Each coin instance can be fully parametrized at run-time and implement its own constants.
  • Demo client included.
  • Disconnected raw RPC connector included for quick'n'dirty debugging.
  • Handles and relays RPC internal server errors along with their error code.
  • Can work without a .config file.
  • Fully compatible with Mono.
  • Test Network (testnet) and Regression Test Mode (regtest) ready.
  • Fully configurable.


Premium Support is available by our team of experts at: [email protected].



NuGet packages

BitcoinLib is available on NuGet:


From version 1.4.0, BitcoinLib follows Semantic Versioning 2.0.0.

Building from source

To build BitcoinLib from source, you will need either the .NET Core SDK or Visual Studio.

Building & running tests

With Visual Studio you can build BitcoinLib and run the tests from inside the IDE, otherwise with the dotnet command-line tool you can execute:

dotnet build

Instructions for Bitcoin

  • Locate your bitcoin.conf file (in Windows it's under: %AppData%\Roaming\Bitcoin, if it's not there just go ahead and create it) and add these lines:
    rpcuser = MyRpcUsername
    rpcpassword = MyRpcPassword
  • Edit the app.config file in the Console test client to best fit your needs. Make sure you also update the bitcoin.conf file when you alter the Bitcoin_RpcUsername and Bitcoin_RpcPassword parameters.

Instructions for Litecoin and other Bitcoin clones

  • Perform the same steps as those mentioned above for Bitcoin.
  • Litecoin configuration file is: litecoin.conf under: %AppData%\Roaming\Litecoin and its daemon is: litecoind.
  • Each coin can be initialized by its own interface specification:
    • IBitcoinService BitcoinService = new BitcoinService();
    • ILitecoinService LitecoinService = new LitecoinService();
  • Any bitcoin clone can be adopted without any further installation steps with the use of the generic ICryptocoinService:
    • ICryptocoinService cryptocoinService = new CryptocoinService("daemonUrl", "rpcUsername", "rpcPassword", "walletPassword");
  • Use (ICryptocoinService).Parameters to fully configure each coin pointer at run-time.


Sample configuration:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <!-- BitcoinLib settings start -->

      <!-- Shared RPC settings start -->
      <add key="RpcRequestTimeoutInSeconds" value="10" />
      <!-- Shared RPC settings end -->

      <!-- Bitcoin settings start -->
      <add key="Bitcoin_DaemonUrl" value="http://localhost:8332" />
      <add key="Bitcoin_DaemonUrl_Testnet" value="http://localhost:18332" />
      <add key="Bitcoin_WalletPassword" value="MyWalletPassword" />
      <add key="Bitcoin_RpcUsername" value="MyRpcUsername" />
      <add key="Bitcoin_RpcPassword" value="MyRpcPassword" />
      <!-- Bitcoin settings end -->

    <!-- BitcoinLib settings end -->

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