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Cronofy - one API for all the calendars (Google, iCloud, Exchange, Office 365,


The Cronofy .NET SDK is available as a Nuget package, to install run the following command in the Package Manager Console

Install-Package Cronofy

Or, using the dotnet CLI:

dotnet add package Cronofy

More info is available on nuget

This is a .NET Standard 2.0 compatible package, and will therefore work with either .NET Framework applications running .NET Framework 4.7.2 and higher, or .NET Core applications running .NET Core 2.0 and higher.

If you're running an older version of .NET Framework, previous versions of the package (<1.0.0) are compatible with .NET Framework 3.5 and up.


In order to use the Cronofy API you will need to create a developer account.

From there you can create an OAuth application to obtain an OAuth client_id and client_secret to be able to use the Cronofy API.


API documentation

Generate a link for a user to grant access to their calendars:

const string CallbackUrl = "";

var cronofy = new CronofyOAuthClient("clientId", "clientSecret");
var authorizationUrl = cronofy.GetAuthorizationUrlBuilder(CallbackUrl).Build();

The callback URL is a page on your website that will handle the OAuth 2.0 callback and receive a code parameter. You can then use that code to retrieve an OAuth token granting access to the user's Cronofy account:

var token = cronofy.GetTokenFromCode(code, CallbackUrl);

You should save the response's AccessToken and RefreshToken for later use.

Note that the exact same callback URL must be passed to both methods for access to be granted.

List calendars

API documentation

Get a list of all the user's calendars:

var cronofy = new CronofyAccountClient(accessToken);
var calendars = cronofy.GetCalendars();

Read events

API documentation

Get a list of events from the user's calendars:

var cronofy = new CronofyAccountClient(accessToken);
var events = cronofy.GetEvents();

Note that the SDK handles iterating through the pages on your behalf.

Create or update events

API documentation

To create/update an event in the user's calendar:

var cronofy = new CronofyAccountClient(accessToken);

var eventBuilder = new UpsertEventRequestBuilder()
    .Summary("Event summary")
    .Description("Event description")
    .Start(2015, 10, 20, 17, 00)
    .End(2015, 10, 20, 17, 30)
    .Location("Meeting room");

cronofy.UpsertEvent(calendarId, eventBuilder);

Delete events

API documentation

To delete an event from user's calendar:

var cronofy = new CronofyAccountClient(accessToken);
cronofy.DeleteEvent(calendarId, "uniq-id");

Choosing a data center

When you're initializing the CronofyOAuthClient you can specify the Cronofy data center to use.

var cronofy = new CronofyOAuthClient("clientId", "clientSecret", "de");

A list of the currently supported data centers in the data center documentation.

A feature I want is not in the SDK, how do I get it?

We add features to this SDK as they are requested, to focus on developing the Cronofy API.

If you're comfortable contributing support for an endpoint or attribute, then we love to receive pull requests! Please create a PR mentioning the feature/API endpoint you’ve added and we’ll review it as soon as we can.

If you would like to request a feature is added by our team then please let us know by getting in touch via [email protected].


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