Laravel Spark Google2fa

Google Authenticator support for Laravel Spark
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24 years ago18December 08, 20168PHP
Add Webhooks to your Laravel app, arrr
Awesome Spark313
5 years ago
Curated list of Laravel Spark ressources
Strong Together88
6 years agomitCSS
A starter project to build single page Vue.js apps as stand-alone or for Laravel / Laravel Spark projects; based on Browserify and Semantic-UI.
Laravel Spark Google2fa82
4 years ago15December 14, 20191mitPHP
Google Authenticator support for Laravel Spark
Laravel Spark81
8 years agoNovember 21, 20201mitPHP
Fork of laravel/spark at 140ed52
Laravel Spark Pages33
6 years ago3August 03, 20175PHP
This package adds a simple CMS-like page system to Laravel Spark. It allows developers and non-technical users to add and edit pages (articles, blog posts, FAQ's etc.) very quickly and without the need for a deployment.
Laravel Spark Camera28
7 years ago2October 29, 20162mitJavaScript
Profile Photo Camera support for Laravel Spark
Laravel Vuejs Vuex21
7 years agoJavaScript
A little scaffolding using Laravel + Vuejs + Vuex + Single File Components, Form Validation inspired by Laravel Spark
Spark Create Stripe Plans19
3 years ago4mitPHP
A simple Laravel artisan command to create Spark plans in Stripe
Spark Kiosk Notify19
6 years ago7May 02, 2017mitHTML
Adds a notification panel to your Laravel Spark Kiosk, allowing you to send notifications to users.
Alternatives To Laravel Spark Google2fa
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Google Authenticator for Laravel Spark 9

This package replaces the default two-factor authentication driver with Google Authenticator.



  • composer require eusebiu/laravel-spark-google2fa
  • php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Eusebiu\LaravelSparkGoogle2FA\Google2FAServiceProvider" --force
  • php artisan migrate
  • npm run dev


To change the display name in the authenticator app, add 2fa_name in your SparkServiceProvider file. By default vendor or the app url is used.

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