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Enteletaor: Message Queue & Broker Injection tool

:Version: 1.0 :Code: :Issues: :Documentation: :Python version: Python 2.7.x & 3 :Author: Daniel Garcia (cr0hn) - @ggdaniel

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What's Enteletaor

Message Queue & Broker Injection tool that implements attacks to Redis, RabbitMQ and ZeroMQ.

Some of the actions you can do:

  • Listing remote tasks.
  • Read remote task content.
  • Disconnect remote clients from Redis server (even the admin!)
  • Inject tasks into remote processes.
  • Make a scan to discover open brokers.
  • Try to discover user/passwords in auth protected brokers

Currently supported brokers are:

  • RabbitMQ (or AMQP compatible).
  • ZeroMQ.
  • Redis.

See documentation for more information.

What's new?

This Enteletaor version, add a lot of new features and fixes, like:

.. note::

You can read entire list in CHANGELOG file.

Version 1.1.x +++++++++++++

  • Many improvements and fixes
  • Added new module: password bruteforcer.

Version 1.0.0 +++++++++++++

  • First version released

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