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This Appointment Scheduler lets users select a day and a one-hour time slot between 9AM and 5PM to meet with us. It integrates with Twilio to send a confirmation text that their appointment has been scheduled. This also comes with a Cosmic Extension so we can manage the appointments right from within the Cosmic dashboard.

Getting Started

Local Installation

  1. Go to Cosmic and create a Bucket to store your appointments.
  2. Download the repo
git clone
  1. Copy the config/production.js file into a new config/development.js file. Either hard code or add your variables via the start command.
  2. Install packages and start the app
npm i
COSMIC_BUCKET=your-bucket-slug COSMIC_READ_KEY=your-bucket-read-key COSMIC_WRITE_KEY=your-bucket-write-key npm start

Go to http://localhost:3000 to see your app. To connect to Twilio, you will need to first create a Twilio account and add your access keys.

Cosmic Installation

You can also install the app directly to your Cosmic Bucket by clicking Select App here. To connect your Twilio keys, just add them to the environment variables section of your Bucket Your Bucket Dashboard > Deploy Web App > Set Environment Variables

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