Implementation of "kinect fusion" 3d shape reconstruction method
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Curated List Of Awesome 3d Morphable Model Software And Data664
a year ago
The idea of this list is to collect shared data and algorithms around 3D Morphable Models. You are invited to contribute to this list by adding a pull request. The original list arised from the Dagstuhl seminar on 3D Morphable Models in March 2019.
3 months ago34mitPython
Code for GAN2Shape (ICLR2021 oral)
3 years ago8mitPython
Reconstruct Watertight Meshes from Point Clouds [SIGGRAPH 2020]
4 years ago4bsd-3-clausePython
Repository for the paper "Convolutional Mesh Regression for Single-Image Human Shape Reconstruction"
a month ago5mitPython
Point2Skeleton: Learning Skeletal Representations from Point Clouds (CVPR2021)
2 years agoPython
Implicit Geometric Regularization for Learning Shapes
6 years ago3Python
MarrNet: 3D Shape Reconstruction via 2.5D Sketches
2 years agoTeX
Memo about 3d human pose estimation, record of datasets, papers, codes.
Awesome 3d Human93
4 years ago
7 years agomitC++
Implementation of "kinect fusion" 3d shape reconstruction method
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Implementation of "KinectFusion" 3d shape reconstruction method, described in:

"Richard A. Newcombe, Shahram Izadi, Otmar Hilliges, David Molyneaux, David Kim, Andrew J. Davison, Pushmeet Kohli, Jamie Shotton, Steve Hodges, Andrew W. Fitzgibbon: KinectFusion: Real-time dense surface mapping and tracking. ISMAR 2011: 127-136"

Demo video:

Released under the MIT license.

Build instructions

All underlying libraries and frameworks are cross-platform (Openframeworks, libfreenect, libeigen, CUDA SDK), so the project is supposed to be cross-platform. But for now, only makefile for linux is maintained, and it is tested only on Ubuntu 12.04. Requirements:

  • Openframewokls 0071 with dependencies installed
  • CUDA 4.1 setup: SDK, toolkit, dev driver; nvcc is supposed to be in $PATH; path to SDK and toolkit should be specified in config.make
  • libusb-dev intalled
  • libeigen3-dev intalled
  • addons from ./all_addons directory pasted into OF_ROOT/addons (2do: should properly fork modified addons and add them as submodules)
  • OF_ROOT set to Openframeworks path on config.make
  • launch as root user, or use instructions on how to run OpenKinect without root privilegies (
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