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Awesome Open Source

Content collaboration for Sketch. Sync copy between Sketch designs and Google Spreadsheets and Microsoft 365 Exel.

SketchContentSync 6.5.5

Sync content to Google Spreadsheets and Microsoft 365 Excel directly from within Sketch.

Visit for more details.

Version Your Sketch Designs

Versioning Sketch Design

Manage Content within Google Spreadsheets

Editing Google Spredsheet

Build Directly into Sketch

ContentSync Interface

ContentSync Platform

We require an account to allow ContentSync to integrate with your Google Documents and more. We only require access to documents we create so all your other documents remain secure and private.

Register for free at and get started easily.

SketchContentSync Plugin

Install with DMG

Install with Sketch Runner

With Sketch Runner, just go to the install command and search for SketchContentSync. Runner allows you to manage plugins and do much more to speed up your workflow in Sketch. Download Runner here.

Sketch Runner screenshot

Support / Bugs / Feature Requests

Create a github issue or contact [email protected].



  • UI Improvements - Better responsiveness and improves performance when CS Layer Inspector is closed
  • UI Bug Fix - Symbol Type key properly uses context name
  • Symbol Swapping Improvements - Improves order changes are applied to ensure overrides are applied on new symbols
  • Removes text layer auto height in favor of using Sketch Smart Layout feature


  • New Feature: Using "No Symbol" on a symbol override will set the override to no symbol - helpful for smart layouts. Works on push and pull.
  • Bug Fix: Symbol overrides now update after symbol type override is changed too


  • Bug Fix: Fixes Sketch UI layer selection would sometimes hang
  • New Feature: Allows for default key prefix / suffix


  • Bug Fix: Refreshes sidebar after push to make sure panels are up to date
  • Improvement: Only caches content key settings on overrides when content key on override is explicitly set.


  • Improvement: Supports Smart Layout when syncing symbol overrides.
  • Improvement: New DMG package install supports OSX Catalina security protocols.
  • Improvement: Moves API from to
  • Improvement: Default Key Prefix - New project setting to prepend keys with Page Name, Artboard Name or both.
  • Improvement: Default Key Suffix - New project setting to append object id for uniqueness across layers.


  • New Feature: Supports Microsoft 365 Excel syncing
  • Improvement: Syncing artboards uploads one at a time for better messaging
  • Improvement: Improved error reporting on failed syncs
  • Improvement: Keys used for images wont override spreadsheet key values on push
  • Bug Fix: Fixes crashing in Sketch 55.1
  • Bug Fix: Shows ContentSync icon on image layer icons


  • Bug Fix: Fixes issue when pulling in Sketch 55.


  • Adds basic support for syncing image overrides and bitmap layers
  • Adds additional settings for better default controls
  • Fixes some bugs which would cause crashing


  • Adds additional project settings for default settings and formats
  • Change symbol type overrides to always be value of referenced symbols. Not blank for default value.


  • Fixes issue when pushing full design on large files


  • Updates UI to improve usability
  • Fixes bug when pulling updates on nested symbols of the same type
  • Fixes bug when updating settings when multiple layers are selected
  • Allows for selecting default sheet


  • Supports Sketch 53
  • New ContentSync UI - Inspector panels and better layer list integration
  • Easier to customize - Inspector panel give you full control
  • Supports symbol swapping - set symbol type key and change symbol types dynamically
  • Supports content fitting - automatically resize symbols to fit content override values
  • Much more! Check out our full docs


  • Updates UI to match Sketch 52
  • Adds keyboard shortcut for disabling & enabling ContentSync on layers


  • Supports Sketch 52


  • Fix override parsing bug that would result in [NSInvalidArgumentException: NSDictionaryM isNull] errors.


  • Fixes toggling ContentSync toolbar
  • Removes 'Add Context' setting - use mapping functions instead


  • Updates build for better formatting and automatic version recogition
  • Fix layer/symbol position and sizing for Desktop (and soon to come new platform)
  • Fix isNull bug when syncing with styles enabled
  • Fix to ensure project settings are updated before commands are run
  • Improved error reporting and displaying


  • Fixes issues when pushing library symbols
  • Fixes positioning and sizing of text layers on exported artboards for ContentSync Desktop
  • Fixes ignoring hidden layers for artboart exporting for ContentSync Desktop
  • Ignored artboards with no text layers for ContentSync Desktop


  • #79 Fixes manifest version for updates


  • #77 Fixes version dropdown updates when versions removed
  • #76 Supports Sketch Midnight theming
  • Improves speed of push


  • Automatically pushes all keys for overrides - even blank ones
  • Fixes version dropdown / selection when creating a new version
  • #74 Fixes handling of cases of MSImmutableTextLayer
  • Better error capturing/reporting for support help


  • Fixes positioning of embedded layers in groups for ContentSync Desktop
  • Fixes issues syncing when symbol instance has image override

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