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Some CNI network plugins, maintained by the containernetworking team. For more information, see the CNI website.

Read CONTRIBUTING for build and test instructions.

Plugins supplied:

Main: interface-creating

  • bridge: Creates a bridge, adds the host and the container to it.
  • ipvlan: Adds an ipvlan interface in the container.
  • loopback: Set the state of loopback interface to up.
  • macvlan: Creates a new MAC address, forwards all traffic to that to the container.
  • ptp: Creates a veth pair.
  • vlan: Allocates a vlan device.
  • host-device: Move an already-existing device into a container.

Windows: Windows specific

  • win-bridge: Creates a bridge, adds the host and the container to it.
  • win-overlay: Creates an overlay interface to the container.

IPAM: IP address allocation

  • dhcp: Runs a daemon on the host to make DHCP requests on behalf of the container
  • host-local: Maintains a local database of allocated IPs
  • static: Allocate a single static IPv4/IPv6 address to container. It's useful in debugging purpose.

Meta: other plugins

  • tuning: Tweaks sysctl parameters of an existing interface
  • portmap: An iptables-based portmapping plugin. Maps ports from the host's address space to the container.
  • bandwidth: Allows bandwidth-limiting through use of traffic control tbf (ingress/egress).
  • sbr: A plugin that configures source based routing for an interface (from which it is chained).
  • firewall: A firewall plugin which uses iptables or firewalld to add rules to allow traffic to/from the container.


The sample plugin provides an example for building your own plugin.


For any questions about CNI, please reach out via:

If you have a security issue to report, please do so privately to the email addresses listed in the OWNERS file.

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