Mdn Compat Data Explorer

A simple Rails app for exploring MDN Browser Compatibility Data
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Browser Compat Data4,6022,1915521 hours ago143October 29, 2020583cc0-1.0JSON
This repository contains compatibility data for Web technologies as displayed on MDN
Compat Report107
5 years ago15JavaScript
🔌 A Developer Tools panel for flagging browser compatibility issues
Es Compat48134 months ago6January 14, 20229mitJavaScript
Check JavaScript code compatibility with target runtime environments
Web Directions Talk43
10 years agoJavaScript
Copy Image Clipboard42
3 months ago5mitTypeScript
Lightweight library to copy PNG and JPG images to clipboard
Compat Tester21
7 months ago12April 26, 20189JavaScript
NPM package to statically analyze the compatibility of a web page across a given browser scope
Mdn Compat Data Explorer18
3 years ago28mitRuby
A simple Rails app for exploring MDN Browser Compatibility Data
6 years agompl-2.0Python
API for browser compatibility data on
a year ago7January 14, 20205mitTypeScript
A javascript browser compatibility checker based on MDN API data
Hexo Compat Report7
8 months ago8JavaScript
Renders an MDN compatibility table on your hexo page.
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MDN Browser Compatibility Data Explorer

pipeline status

This is a Rails app that lets the user explore the browser compatibility data that MDN is collecting in the browser-compat-data repo.


This was hard to update consistently and has been essentially dormant for nearly two years. If you'd like to update it, feel free to fork it :) It is now deprecated and archived, and the Heroku app has been taken offline.


Running the application locally

You'll need:

  • Postgres 11
  • Ruby 2.6.x
  • Node.js 10.x
  • Yarn
  • Graphviz

Run the following commands:

  1. gem install bundler
  2. bundle install
  3. yarn install
  4. bundle exec rails db:create
  5. bundle exec rails db:migrate
  6. bundle exec rails s

With that, the site should be up at localhost:3000.

Updating the mdn-browser-compat-data package

You can update the mdn-browser-compat-data package using bundle exec rake update:update_mdn_package. This Rake task will walk you through the steps of updating the package. Alternatively, you can update it manually, described below.

You can update the mdn-browser-compat-data package manually by doing the following:

  1. Edit the mdn-browser-compat-data package version in package.json and run yarn install.
  2. Update the config.mdn_bcd_version variable in config/application.rb to the current version.
  3. Run node lib/build.js to regenerate the public/data.json file.
  4. Commit these changes and open a pull request.

Updating the database

You can update the database (where all the data is stored) by running bundle exec rake db:seed. Note that this will delete the database and fill it with whatever data is in public/data.json based on db/seeds.rb.

The application essentially uses a static data set. It uses a database simply because I wanted to learn more about databases and wanted an easier means of querying the data.

Updating the database with test data

You can use data from public/data-test.json by running USE_TEST_DATA=true bundle exec rake db:seed. This is useful for ensuring accuracy, since you can manipulate the JSON and will know, e.g. how many features should be listed as true.

CI and Docker

This project uses GitLab CI.

To regenerate and push the Docker container up to the GitLab Container Registry:

  • Log into the GitLab CI Docker registry with docker login (you'll need to use a Personal Access Token as your password).
  • Build the container with docker build -f Dockerfile -t .
  • Then use docker push to push the container to the GitLab Container Registry.


The live site currently uses Heroku, and is available at

Deployment involves the following:

  • Deploy the current version of the master branch.
  • Run bundle exec rake db:migrate and bundle exec rake db:seed from the Heroku Web Console or with the Heroku CLI.

This should update the site to the current codebase and recreate the database from the db/seeds.rb file.


This project uses:

To view all dependencies used in this project, see the Gemfile and package.json.





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