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Ansible provides a simple way to deploy, manage, and configure the Confluent Platform services. This repository provides playbooks and templates to easily spin up a Confluent Platform installation. Specifically this repository:

  • Installs Confluent Platform packages.
  • Starts services using systemd scripts.
  • Provides configuration options for plaintext, SSL, SASL_SSL, and Kerberos.

The services that can be installed from this repository are:

  • ZooKeeper
  • Kafka
  • Schema Registry
  • REST Proxy
  • Confluent Control Center
  • Kafka Connect (distributed mode)
  • KSQL Server


You can find the documentation for running CP-Ansible at

You can find supported configuration variables in

Version Bumps

Use bump2version tool to bump versions in all the correct places.


If you would like to contribute to the CP-Ansible project, please refer to the


Apache 2.0

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