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Confluence Publisher

The Confluence Publisher allows documentation written in AsciiDoc and versioned directly with the documented code base to be published to a Confluence space. It supports a "docs-as-code" approach.

It converts the resulting AsciiDoc HTML output to XHTML compatible with Confluence, manages included resources as Confluence attachments and ensures that only content modified since the last publication is again re-published.

Vision and Scope

The Confluence Publisher shall support writing conceptual and technical documentation such as design/architecture/product documentation. In doing so, it tries to balance a useful feature set with acceptable maintenance efforts for the software itself.

As a consequence, the Confluence Publisher does neither aim to support every concept from AsciiDoc nor every feature or macro found in Confluence.


The documentation of the current release version is published to


Contributions are highly appreciated. In order to avoid lost efforts, consider first opening an issue describing your idea/requirement and discuss whether the feature fits the vision and scope of the Confluence Publisher.

Please see the contribution guide for instructions on how to build the Confluence Publisher locally and what to check before sending a pull request.


JetBrains kindly supports the core developers with free open-source licenses for their products.

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