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Cofoundry is an open source .Net Core CMS and application framework focusing on:

  • Code first development
  • Unobtrusive integration into your application
  • Extensible & flexible architecture
  • Simple & user friendly content management

Getting Started

Find out more at or head to the docs to get started.

Feedback & Community

We're keen to hear feedback about Cofoundry. Whether you've been playing about with the samples, run into some issues or just browsed the docs and have an opinion on the concept we'd love to hear it.

If you have a technical question or issue, please either:

To keep updated:

To give informal feedback or talk more generally about the project:


For up to date information on what's going into up-coming releases check out our GitHub milestones.

You can also keep up to date with recent developments on our blog.

SemVer & 1.0

As per SemVer our 0.x set of releases are considered early development and breaking changes can happen at any point, however our approach is that patch releases are non-breaking while minor releases can be breaking, but will be documented as such in release notes.

Having been open sourced from an existing product, Cofoundry is already loaded with features. What 0.x releases do give us is the ability to make breaking changes and alter our public API as we receive feedback, without constantly publishing major releases.


For up to date information check out our contributor guidelines.

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