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6 months ago23mitShell
AI Code Completions
Tabnine Vscode1,203
18 hours ago15mitTypeScript
Visual Studio Code client for Tabnine.
Rubberduck Vscode332
2 months ago23mitTypeScript
Use AI-powered code edits, explanations, code generation, error diagnosis, and chat in Visual Studio Code with the official OpenAI API.
Code Gpt235
4 months ago2TypeScript
Make sense of any code, anytime. 🚀
2 months ago8mitTypeScript
Cursor GPT vscode扩展插件
a month ago1mitTypeScript
AI Coding Assistant in your IDE - ChatGPT (OpenAI) and Claude (Anthropic) in a VSCode extension.
13 days ago1apache-2.0TypeScript
ChatGPT extension for VSCode.
Vscode Pddl65
a month ago37mitTypeScript
Planning Domain Description Language (PDDL) grammar, syntax highlighting, code snippets, parser and planner integration for Visual Studio Code.
Vscode Extension36
5 months ago14mitJava
DeepCode extension for Visual Studio Code
Chatgpt Helper31
2 months ago9gpl-3.0TypeScript
A VS Code extension to quickly query OpenAI's ChatGPT from inside your editor.
Alternatives To Tabnine
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This is the repository for the backend of TabNine, the all-language autocompleter. There are no source files here because the backend is closed source.

You can make feature requests by filing an issue. You are also welcome to make pull requests for changes to the configuration files.

languages.yml determines which file extensions are considered part of the same language. (For example, identifiers from .c files will be suggested in .h files.)

language_tokenization.json determines how languages are tokenized. For example, identifiers can contain dashes in Lisp, but not in Java.

If your feature request is specific to a particular editor's TabNine client, please file an issue in one of these repositories:

You may be interested in these TabNine clients written by third parties:

NOTE: Codota is not validating any code in those plugins and is not responsible for them by any means.

Supported Architectures

  • x86_64-unknown-linux-musl
  • x86_64-apple-darwin
  • aarch64-apple-darwin
  • i686-pc-windows-gnu
  • x86_64-pc-windows-gnu
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