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Awesome Open Source


Compiles a json dataset containing properties to aid in the detection and mitigation of over 1000 variants of ransomware using public sources.

Build Status License Python 3.2|3.6 Twitter

Install Dependencies

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run Updater

python ./UpdateJsonDataset/

The latest version of the Ransomware Summary spreadsheet will then be downloaded and processed into a local json output which will be found in the core folder of your local repository along with a copy of the latest version of the spreadsheet. To change the source and destinations for local files edit the constants found in the header of the '' file.

Attribution / Credits

JSON dataset work is based upon the Ransomware Summary public spreadsheet that is managed by the many efforts of Mosh (@nyxbone) and @cyb3rops and can be found at: Spreadsheet data remains the intellectual property of Mosh and is taken 'as-is' and processed into a more programming friendly JSON output to allow its use in various shell or programming operations. Spreadsheet is cloned within this repository for redundancy purposes.

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