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Wagtail CRX (CodeRed Extensions)

The professional WordPress alternative for building marketing websites with Wagtail and Bootstrap.

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What is Wagtail CRX?

Formerly known as CodeRed CMS, Wagtail CRX (CodeRed Extensions), provides a large set of enhancements and pre-built components for Wagtail which are ready to use out-of-the box! This saves development time and avoids "re-inventing the wheel" by providing features commonly needed by websites:

  • Streamfield blocks and templates for Bootstrap 4: rows, columns, hero units, carousels, buttons, modals, cards, and more!

  • Settings for adding logo, navigation, footer, and other common elements.

  • Rich set of SEO tagging attributes on each page.

  • Configurable Google Analytics tracking.

  • Robust form builder including the ability for multi-step forms, conditional logic, customized confirmation emails, MailChimp integration, and more (all from within the streamfield!)

  • Article pages for building blogs, news, etc.

  • Calendar and event pages.

  • Google Maps blocks, and store locator functionality.

  • Dynamic classifier system, for creating filterable categories.

  • Website search functionality, filterable by page type.

  • Style your site using SASS/SCSS directly from Django, without the need for Node.js

Quick start

  1. Run pip install coderedcms

  2. Run coderedcms start mysite --sitename "My Company Inc." --domain

    Note: --sitename and --domain are optional to pre-populate settings of your website.

  3. Enter the project cd mysite/

  4. Run python migrate to create the core models.

  5. Run python createsuperuser to create the initial admin user.

  6. Run python runserver to launch the development server, and go to http://localhost:8000 in your browser, or http://localhost:8000/admin/ to log in with your admin account.

See the documentation for next steps and customizing your new site.


In addition to the CodeRed team, many thanks to the Wagtail community and our independent contributors.

If you're interested in building, developing, or contributing to Wagtail CRX, check out the Contributing Guide.


Icon files in coderedcms/templates/coderedcms/icons/:


We would love to hear your questions, comments, and feedback. Open an issue on Github, message us on #coderedcms in the Wagtail slack.

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