Fess is very powerful and easily deployable Enterprise Search Server.
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a month ago48August 24, 202338mitGo
A lightweight log analytic and data visualize platform built on clickhouse.
Fess91012196 days ago135June 13, 202226apache-2.0Java
Fess is very powerful and easily deployable Enterprise Search Server.
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A non instrusive gem which helps you browse, search and manage your data using browser
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A Distributed, Search-Optimized Full Packet Capture System
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Project for finding vunerabilities in mass.
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Solr client in Go, core admin, add docs, update, delete, search and more
Django Admin Search61
5 months ago22December 26, 20215mitPython
Modal filter for django admin
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Fess is a very powerful and easily deployable Enterprise Search Server. You can quickly install and run Fess on any platform where you can run the Java Runtime Environment. Fess is provided under the Apache License 2.0.

Fess is based on OpenSearch/Elasticsearch, but knowledge/experience about OpenSearch/Elasticsearch is not required. Fess provides an easy to use Administration GUI to configure the system via your browser. Fess also contains a Crawler, which can crawl documents on a web server, file system, or Data Store (such as a CSV or database). Many file formats are supported including (but not limited to): Microsoft Office, PDF, and zip.

Fess Site Search is a free alternative to Google Site Search. For more details, see the FSS JS Generator documentation.





Getting Started

There are 2 ways to try Fess. The first is to download and install yourself. The second is to use Docker.

Download and Install/Run

Fess 14.10 is now available and can be downloaded on the Releases page. Downloads come in 3 flavors: deb, rpm, zip.

The following commands show how to use the zip download:

$ unzip fess-14.10.x.zip
$ cd fess-14.10.x
$ ./bin/fess

For more details, see the Installation Guide.


We provide Docker images on ghcr.io. We also provide a Docker Compose (YAML) file in this repository.

Browser UI

Search UI

Admin UI

You can register crawling targets in the Admin UI on the (Web, File, Data Store) crawler configuration pages, and then start the Crawler manually on the Scheduler page.

Migration from another search provider

Please see MIGRATION.md.

Data Store

Currently, Fess supports crawling the following storage locations and APIs:







Development Information

Get Source Code

  1. Clone Fess's repository:

    $ cd ~/workspace
    $ git clone https://github.com/codelibs/fess.git
  2. Import the cloned repository as a Maven project on Eclipse or another IDE.

Setup for OpenSearch Plugins

Run antrun:run to download plugins into the plugins directory:

$ mvn antrun:run

Run Fess

Run or debug org.codelibs.fess.FessBoot on your IDE, and then access http://localhost:8080/

Build Package

Run the package goal and then the release file will be created in target/releases.

$ mvn package
$ mvn rpm:rpm   # .rpm package
$ mvn jdeb:jdeb # .deb package

Generate Source Code

$ mvn dbflute:download # (one time command)
$ mvn dbflute:freegen
$ mvn license:format

Integration Tests

Launch Fess Server and run the following command:

$ mvn test -P integrationTests -Dtest.fess.url="http://localhost:8080" -Dtest.search_engine.url="http://localhost:9201"

To run a single test case, you can use:

$ mvn test -P integrationTests -Dtest.fess.url="http://localhost:8080" -Dtest.search_engine.url="http://localhost:9201" -Dtest=SearchApiTests

Translate In Your Language

Fess is internationalized software.

If you want to add labels/messages for your language, please translate properties file and then rename to fess_*_[lang].properties.

For search/index analyzer, if doc.json contains lang_[lang] for your language, please modify the analyzer for your language. For more details about Analyzers, see the Elasticsearch documentation.

We welcome pull requests for your language.

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