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QuickQanava is a C++14 library designed to display graphs and relational content in a Qt/QML application. QuickQanava provide QML components and C++ classes to visualize medium-sized directed graphs in a C++/QML application. QuickQanava focus on displaying relational content into a dynamic user interface with DnD support, resizable content and visual creation of topology. More advanced layouts algorithms might be integrated in future versions.

QuickQanava main repository is hosted on GitHub:

QuickQanava is primarily developed for Linux with Qt 5.15 with MSVC2017 and g++7.5 (minimal required Qt version is Qt 5.10, recommended is Qt 5.14.2)

For any questions, please contact: [email protected]

QuickQanava focus on writing content delegates in QML (even if they could be 100% defined in C++, a QML engine is still necessary in the background).

QuickQanava Showcase

Toplogy sample video

Curved-Straight Edges
Custom content
Visual Connector
Visual Connector
Custom styles


  • Qt 5.10 is mandatory for Qt Quick Shapes support.
  • Google Test is a GTpo dependency, it is optional for QuickQanava until you intent to use a graph with custom non-STL/non-Qt containers: Google Test GitHub


Get the latest QuickQanava sources:

git clone
cd QuickQanava

Or install as a Git submodule:

$ git submodule add
$ git submodule update

QuickQanava could be used with either qmake or CMake build configuration system.

qmake cmake
Static build, no QML module, all resources are linked statically trough QRC Installable or embedable, QuickQanava is loaded using a QML module that need to be installed, resources can be linked statically trough QRC

Using qmake (preferred and supported way of integrating QuickQanava):

  1. Open in QtCreator.

  2. Select a kit, build and launch samples.

⚠️ CMake support is "community maintained"

or with (CMake >= 3.5) and Qt Creator:

  1. Open CMakeLists.txt in QtCreator.

  2. In 'Projects' panel, set DBUILD_SAMPLES option to true in CMake configuration panel.

  3. Select a kit, build and launch samples.

Or manually in command line using CMake:

$ cd QuickQanava
$ mkdir build
$ cd build


$ cmake -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH="/home/b/Qt/5.11.0/gcc_64" -DQT_QMAKE_EXECUTABLE="/home/b/Qt/5.11.0/gcc_64/bin/qmake"  -DBUILD_SAMPLES=TRUE -DBUILD_STATIC_QRC=TRUE ../QuickQanava/

$ cmake --build .
# Then run the samples in ./samples

# Eventually make install

Detailed instructions: Installation

Note that a previously installed "QML plugin" version of QuickQanava might interfere with a fully static build using direct .pri inclusion. Typical error message looks like:

QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
qrc:/nodes.qml:33 module "QuickQanava" plugin "quickqanavaplugin" not found

QuickQanava and QuickContainers plugins directories could be removed manually from $QTDIR\..\qml to fix the problem (ex: rm -rf '~/Qt/5.11.1/gcc_64/qml/QuickQanava').

Roadmap / Changelog

  • Done:
    • [X] Add full support for groups inside group (ie subgraphs).
    • [X] Fix qan::LineGrid bugs
  • Todo:
    • [ ] Rewrite CMake configuration, add install step, use QML plugins.
    • [ ] Update geometry creation interface and delegate management.
    • [ ] Add support for direct visual dragging of port items.
    • [ ] Add "snap to grid" support.
  • v1.: Advanced edge visualization
    • [ ] Add better support for graph fine grained locking strategies.
    • [ ] Add simple layout algorithms (force directed, tree).
    • [ ] Publish the 4k sample (40k is probably too much for QML without dedicated culling and LOD code).


  • @kwallner / and CMake configuration
  • @Letrab / Edge configuration
  • @machinekoder / QML plugin and CMake configuration
  • @NielsBillen / Ports support and stability fixes



Copyright (c) 2017-2020 BA

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