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CNCF Community Presentations

CNCF Overview presentation

The CNCF overview presentation by Dan Kohn is available via Google Docs. It includes the slides for a talk, A Brief History of the Cloud, in the appendix.
A Chinese version, updated every month, is available for download (PowerPoint).
A Japanese version is also available (PowerPoint).

この日本語バージョンは、CNCF overview を @zembutsu が翻訳しました。お気づきの点がありましたらご指摘ください。

Older Overview presentations

The 2017 presentation (Google Doc) by Dan Kohn, Migrating Legacy Monoliths to Cloud Native Microservices Architectures on Kubernetes, is also available.

The 2018 presentation (Google Doc) by Dan Kohn, How Good Is Our Code?, is also available in Chinese (PowerPoint) as well.

CNCF End User Community Overview presentation

The CNCF End User Community overview by Cheryl Hung is available in English or Chinese:

Other presentations

Other presentations from the CNCF community are available in this repo, although they may be out of date. Just send us a pull request if you want your presentation added. Please make sure it's under the Apache v2.0 or CC-BY license so we can easily share and reuse the content.

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