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About EFLInventory-V2

EFLInventory V2 is a simple-to-use, web and PC inventory and point-of-sale application written in PHP using Laravel framework. It uses MySQL as the data backend and has a Bootstrap 4 material-like user interface. It is designed to assist small-scale retail stores with keeping track of items and inventory, and generate reports based on inventory, purchases and sales.

Well, What Can I Do With It?

  • Manage products and product variations
  • Manage product categories and sub-categories
  • Stock products by batch. Enables proper handling of product expiry date, product price change, e.t.c.
  • Record damaged products.
  • Generate a range of purchase and sales reports
  • Easily migrate from existing records (using a predefined Excel template)
  • Track and record major user actions such as create, update and delete. When you have more than 1 staff selling and/or managing products, you might one day want to know who did what.
  • Assign roles to users. Default available roles are "Manager" and "Employee". No much option for now. Future updates will allow custom roles and defining actions for such roles. You can also make a request if you really do need one and can't fix it on your own
  • Stock and sell products using a barcode scanner
  • Sell products from point-of-sale (POS) with good-looking UI and great options
  • Print sales receipt for every POS sale


Home Screen

POS Screen

Migrate Screen (Migrate from previous records using a predefined MS Excel template)



  1. Easiest way to get started with this:
git clone
cd eflinventory-v2
  1. Run from command prompt
composer install
  1. Copy .env.example to .env. Update details to suit your server & DB setup.

  2. Generate application key using: php artisan key:generate

  3. To create database tables either run these two commands:

php artisan migrate

php artisan migrate:seed

or run the database.sql script.

If you're gonna be running the SQL script, please ensure to look through it before running. It's not a harmful script, but just be sure. The database.sql file is located within the bootstrap directory.

Manager login details:
Username: chrisidakwo
Password: secret

User Interface

Material Pro Admin Template is the UI theme used for this application.

Known Issues (as of 10th Aug 2020)

  • Unhandled exceptions for migration using Excel spreadsheets.


  • Frequent database backup to Google Drive or Dropbox


EFLInventory-V2 is an open-source software licensed under the GPU v3 License.

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