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Simple wrapper of tabula-java: extract table from PDF into pandas DataFrame
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tabula-py is a simple Python wrapper of tabula-java, which can read tables in a PDF. You can read tables from a PDF and convert them into a pandas DataFrame. tabula-py also enables you to convert a PDF file into a CSV, a TSV or a JSON file.

You can see the example notebook and try it on Google Colab, or we highly recommend reading our documentation, especially the FAQ section.

tabula-py example


  • Java 8+
  • Python 3.8+


I confirmed working on macOS and Ubuntu. But some people confirm it works on Windows 10. See also the documentation for the detailed installation for Windows 10.



Ensure you have a Java runtime and set the PATH for it.

pip install tabula-py


tabula-py enables you to extract tables from a PDF into a DataFrame, or a JSON. It can also extract tables from a PDF and save the file as a CSV, a TSV, or a JSON.  

import tabula

# Read pdf into list of DataFrame
dfs = tabula.read_pdf("test.pdf", pages='all')

# Read remote pdf into list of DataFrame
dfs2 = tabula.read_pdf("")

# convert PDF into CSV file
tabula.convert_into("test.pdf", "output.csv", output_format="csv", pages='all')

# convert all PDFs in a directory
tabula.convert_into_by_batch("input_directory", output_format='csv', pages='all')

See an example notebook for more details. I also recommend reading the tutorial article written by @aegis4048, and another tutorial written by @tdpetrou.


Interested in helping out? I'd love to have your help!

You can help by:

  • Reporting a bug.
  • Adding or editing documentation.
  • Contributing code via a Pull Request. See also for the contribution
  • Write a blog post or spread the word about tabula-py to people who might be able to benefit from using it.


Another support

You can also support our continued work on tabula-py with a donation on GitHub Sponsors or Patreon.

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