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A super-simple project demonstrating how to use Kotlin and Jetpack step by step. More information could be found in my posts: "Kotlin Jetpack In Action"

Why this project?

  • I made this project as simple as possible, so that we can focus on how to use Kotlin and Jetpack rather than understanding business logic.
  • We will rewrite it from "Java + MVC" to "Kotlin + Coroutines + Jetpack + Clean MVVM", line by line, commit by commit.

How to use this project?

Trainings Branches/Package Corresponding Posts (English) Corresponding Posts (Chinese)
Quick Start For Java Developers / Not Translated Quick Start For Java Developers
Kotlin DSL Training chapter_02_kotlin_dsl_training Not Translated Kotlin DSL For Gradle
Code Refactoring From Java To Kotlin chapter_03_kotlin_refactor_training Not Translated Common Mistakes that Kotlin Newbees Make
Kotlin HTML DSL Training chapter_04_lambda Not Translated Writing HTML with Kotlin Higher-Order-Function
Kotlin Generics Training chapter_05_generics Not Translated Kotlin Generics
Kotlin Extension Training chapter_06_extension Not Translated Kotlin Extension
Kotlin Delegation Training chapter_07_delegate Not Translated Kotlin Delegation
Kotlin Coroutines Debug chapter_08_coroutine_debug Not Translated Kotlin Coroutine Debug Skill
Coroutines Under The Hood source code of chapter 09 Kotlin Coroutines Animation Explanation Kotlin Coroutines Animation Explanation


👉 Kotlin Coroutines Animation Explanation

Thread & Coroutines

Thread & Coroutines

CPS Transformation


Execution flow


Coroutines Under The Hood

Coroutines Under The Hood

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