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This is pytorch implementation of paper "Glow: Generative Flow with Invertible 1x1 Convolutions". Most modules are adapted from the offical TensorFlow version openai/glow.


  • [x] Glow model. The model is coded as described in original paper, some functions are adapted from offical TF version. Most modules are tested.
  • [x] Trainer, builder and hparams loaded from json.
  • [x] Infer after training
  • [ ] Test LU_decomposed 1x1 conv2d


  • Train a model with <hparams> <dataset> <dataset_root>
  • Generate z_delta and manipulate attributes with <hparams> <dataset_root> <z_dir>

Training result

Currently, I trained model for 45,000 batches with hparams/celeba.json using CelebA dataset. In short, I trained with follwing parameters

HParam Value
image_shape (64, 64, 3)
hidden_channels 512
K 32
L 3
flow_permutation invertible 1x1 conv
flow_coupling affine
batch_size 12 on each GPU, with 4 GPUs
learn_top false
y_condition false
  • Download pre-trained model from Dropbox


Following are some samples at training phase. Row 1: reconstructed, Row 2: original.

Manipulate attribute

Use the method decribed in paper to calculate z_pos and z_neg for a given attribute. And z_delta = z_pos - z_neg is the direction to manipulate the original image.

  • manipulate Smiling (from negative to positive):

  • manipulate Young (from negative to positive):

  • manipulate Pale_Skin (from negative to positive):

  • manipulate Male (from negative to positive):


There might be some errors in my codes. Please help me to figure out.

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