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End-to-end DNS encryption with DNS-based ad-blocking, built in the cloud automatically using Terraform with Ansible. Choose your cloud provider or a standalone installation.

Combines wireguard (DNS VPN), pihole (adblock), and cloudflared (DNS over HTTPS) docker containers, as visualized:



Several deployment options are available, see the README of each subdirectory for platform-specific guides.

  • AWS (Amazon)
  • Azure (Microsoft)
  • DO (Digital Ocean)
  • GCP (Google)
  • Lightsail (Fixed-rate/Low-cost AWS)
  • OCI (Oracle)
  • SCW (Scaleway)
  • Standalone Raspberry Pi or Ubuntu Server (under playbooks/)


Standalone Raspberry Pi or Ubuntu Server

Step-by-step, follow along with me as I install on a Raspberry Pi.

Cloud Deployments

Step-by-step, follow along with me as I deploy from a windows desktop - for Cloud deployments.

After watching the cloud prerequisites video, follow a guide specific to your cloud provider.

For maintaining the containers running your cloudblock services, see the README (or terraform output) specific to your deployment.


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