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A neovim configuration that looks good and is fast (startuptime < 0.05s).

Tested on a pretty low end laptop
On Power                              : 0.015s - 0.025s
On Battery                            : 0.025s - 0.045s

Has something like 25 plugins and but is still fast becuase of holy lazy loading.

Plugins And Features


  • Neovim >= v0.8
  • ripgrep (optional)
  • nodejs and npm
  • a brain (mandatory)
  • xrdb for xresources
  • some xp with lua and neovim
  • ueberzug for image previews


Warning: You may / may not get a bunch of errors during the first time you run this config
It's really easy , just a simple one liner with git!

~ $ git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/chadcat5207/nvide ~/.config/nvim

Adding mason to path

Warning: This step is important for installing LSP Add this to your shell config

# this is for zsh
export PATH=$PATH:~/.local/share/nvim/mason/bin
~ $ source ~/.zshrc

Custom Colorschemes

I know it sucks but you will have to do it manually

  • Make a new color scheme /lua/themes/schemes/scheme.lua (copy the default colorscheme and change the colors)
  • Make a colors file for it /colors/scheme.lua
-- /colors/scheme.lua
  theme = "scheme",
  transparent_background = false
  • Set the color scheme in lua/core/cfg.lua
M.colorscheme = 'pop'

Using Xresources

First use a xresources file

~ $ xrdb -merge ./path/to/xresources
M.colorscheme = 'xrdb'

Keep in mind that using xrdb increases startuptime by 100ms, I am looking to make this more faster

  • Reload Neovim

Statusline Styles

Warning: This section contains the worst ever code written There are three prebuilt styles

  • To change the style edit /lua/core/cfg.lua
M.statusstyle = 'minimal' -- minimal | fancy | monochrome
  • Reload Neovim

Some Points To be Noted

  • This is meant to be a simple base config which can be extended and customised very easily.
  • THIS IS NOT A "DISTRO", just my personal dotfiles that i wanted to share with you guys!
  • This is not for beginners, you need to have some experience wihth lua and neovim.









  • [x] better screenshots
  • [ ] more, MORE fast (bring back to 15ms)
  • [x] custom statusline (i am proud)
  • [x] learn markdown bcoz i suck at it
  • [x] fix autoformatting on save
  • [x] make custom tabline
  • [x] fix custom dashboard
  • [x] add some more themes (currently 10)
  • [x] fix custom tabline

Special Thanks

This config wouldn't have been possible without these chads!

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