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Inspired by: dwarfexport

Contributions are welcome, feel free to open an issue if something is broken.

Ghidra2Dwarf is a ghidra plugin that allows to exports informations (such as functions, decompiled code, types) from ghidra to dwarf sections inside ELF binaries.

More specifically it exports inside a source file named ${program}_dbg.c all the decompiled functions, and create an ELF binary named ${program}_dbg that can be used to do source code level debugging.


Inside gdb now you can use:

  1. list <function> to display the function's source code.
  2. n to step one source code line instruction.
  3. ni to step one assembly instruction.
  4. p variable to print the variable's value.


  • Unzip the latest release.
  • In the script manager -> script directories add the extracted directory:


Run inside the script manager:

Headless mode

This mode only works in ghidra 9.1.2 at the moment


If you saved the project and ghidra is closed, you can launch to run ghidra in headless mode and export the dwarf informations:

$ ./src/ <Project directory> <Project name> <Binary path> <Binary>
$ # Example: ./src/ ~/.local/share/ghidra/ TEST ~/CTF/ chall



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