Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source

TheCollective (formerly 'Yet Another Kali Linux Scripts Repo' or YAKSR) :


 This repo contains mostly a collection pointers to scripts, apps, repos, and/or programs that I have found useful during my time on Red Team Ops. 
 I maintain the collection of what is basically pointers to the repos here so I only have 1 place to go to get them all and not have to remember them all. 
 Setup, install, or bugs with the downloaded repos should be submitted to the owner of the repo.
 I did not create or maintain any of the repos downloaded from any other profile that is not "ceramicskate0".
 Actually we all should try to create detections for these and their variations as well as for everything they do ;D


 If you have a favorite repo please submit pull request

Instructions To Run:

 Just run the files to build or maintain the Toolbox.

 0. cd to the TheCollective Dir
 1. Ensure "" has permissions to run and download files (root is nice for this or just sudo before you run)

 2. ./ (will build the ToolBox in cwd)

 3. Wait... there are alot of repos to pull

Instructions To Update:

 Just run the files to build or maintain the Toolbox.

 0. cd to the TheCollective Dir
 1. ./

For the Blue Team:

 For the die hard Blue Teamers here. I know its hard, belive me I do. And Repos like this make life seem harder...well unless you use this Repo to your advantage.
 Also to help ive created "Yet Another Blue Team Repo" (YABTR) for the Blue team to help fight/find Red/TheCollective. And now SWELF to help with logging.


 Currenlty im only using this on Kali Linux and Parrott. 
 I guess the github scripts would work on other Linux distros if you have all the packages (nope im not doing anything for that).

Legalish Disclaimer:

I dont recommend or condone using anything on here for any reason. Anything in the Lists Dir i did not write so I cant exactly tell you what or how it does what it says it does. The scipts here may work, but just as likely have a chance to break the system they are run on. If you use them you do so at your own risk. I do/have NEVER authorized,condoned, or recommend the use of anything in any of my repos for any reason. This is a collection of simple scripts I found useful with my own Kali OS for educational purposes only. I did not create any of the scripts downloaded via the script. All credit goes to the authors whos full URL and/or github account/Repo is listed in the script, please see their sites for more info or issue with their repo's. It should be noted that since these are all publically available. Do not use for evil, malicious purposes, or on machines you do not own.

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