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Simple bindings to the whatlang Rust package
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Ruby Binding for Stanford Pos-Tagger and Name Entity Recognizer
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bindings by Cathal Garvey, Copyright 2017, released under MIT license.


This simply wraps the Whatlang-rs library by Sergey Potapov, exposing a single function to Python which returns a tuple of (language code, script code).


From Source

You will require:

Then: python3 setup.py install --user. The --user part is essential, as Rustup doesn't perform a system installation of Rust. Possibly, you could use a system-managed Rust toolchain (e.g. apt-get install cargo) to permit a system-wide install of the library. Or, you could just use python3 setup.py build and then manually install the library system-wide.

Linux x86-64, Python 3.5

[sudo] pip3 install https://github.com/cathalgarvey/whatlang-py/raw/master/dist/whatlang-0.0.1-cp35-cp35m-linux_x86_64.whl


  1. Download this repository
  2. Change directory to the dist subdirectory
  3. [sudo] pip3 install *.whl


There is only one function in the library: detect_language, which accepts a single unicode string and returns a pair of strings or raises a ValueError on failure.

The strings returned correspond to the three-character language code, and three-character script code. These are enumerated in Whatlang's docs as the Enums Lang and Script and are returned as strings in the same leading-uppercase format.

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