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#+INCLUDE: theme/ #+TITLE: Emacs In a Box #+KEYWORDS: emacs, elisp, lisp, programming, eshell, editor, org-mode #+STARTUP: content #+DESCRIPTION: Emacs in self-contained box!

  • Emacs - Elisp Programming and Customization ** Overview


Emacs doesn't need any presentation. Emacs is a software [[]["Lisp Machine"]] that provides a programmable text editor, email reader, text web browser, image viwer, calculator, shell, games, easter-eggs and more. Emacs is programmed in Elisp, an Emacs own lisp dialect that is based on [[][MacLisp]], one of oldest lisp dialects, older than Common Lisp and Scheme, created in MIT. Emacs was written in 1976 by the legendary [[][Richard Stallman]]. Despite many incompatibilities with Common Lisp it has many constructs similar to it and n excellent book about Common Lisp that is also useful to understand Elisp and Scheme is [[][On Lisp - by Paul Graham]].

Repository Link

- [[][Github Repository]]
- Short Link: - Mneumonic: *Emacs In A Box*
- [[][HTML Version -]]


  • It is a work in progress.
  • You can see this document inside Emacs since it was converted to org-mode, see the file It can also be exported to html, pdf, github markdown and so on.

Configuration File

The user configuration file, which is executed when Emacs starts, is stored in the directory =/.emacs.d/init.el= or =/.emacs=. The first one is better because it is in the same directory of all emacs configuration files.

The Emacs scratch buffer can be used to test new features and try Emacs codes along with IELM - Emacs Lisp interactive shell.

Emacs Features

  • Run in GUI or in terminal.
  • Programmable "text editor" (Lisp Machine)
  • Support to many programming languages
  • Can run shells and interpreters inside Emacs.
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy task automation
  • Package manager
  • Multiple OS support
  • Remote file editting through ssh. (Tramp mode)
  • Keyboard macros
  • Utilities
    • Calculator
    • Eshell
    • Tramp-mode - Edit remote files and edit as super user (sudo).
    • Shells
    • File manager (dired-mode)
    • Git interface (magit)


  • Increase Emacs API discoverability;

  • Empower Emacs users to create their own extensions and customization;

  • Provide self-contained working examples about Emacs API and Elisp programming.

  • Unleash all Emacs potentials.

** Contents *** Elisp Programing

  • [[][Elisp Programming]] Elisp programming guide and documentation by examples.

  • [[][Elisp Snippets]] Elisp code examples grouped by category.

*** Key bindings / shortcuts

  • [[][Emacs Key bindings]] Emacs standard keybindings and useful commands.

  • [[][Emacs key bindings for Elisp]] Emacs key bindings and commands for Elisp (Emacs' lisp) development.

*** Settings and Packages

  • [[][Customization]] Emacs settings and customization.

  • [[][Packages and Development Environments]] Useful Emacs packages and Programming language specific configurations and packages.

*** Emacs Utilities

  • [[][Utilities]] Emacs utilities and goodness like Calculator, Magit, Helm and so on.

  • [[][Org-mode]] Org-mode notes.

  • [[][Org-mode recipes]] - Org-mode literate programming recipes.

*** Miscellaneous

  • [[][Command Line and Scripting]] Command line interaction with Emacs.

  • [[][Eshell]] Eshell - Multi-platform unix shell written in Elisp highly integrated with Emacs and with several platform independent shell commands such as ls, pwd, cp, mv implemented in Elisp.

  • [[][Emacs on Microsoft Windows]] Emacs settings for Microsoft Windows OS.

  • [[][Bookmarks]] - Emacs bookmarks to Wikis, tutorials, videos, codes and etc.

** TODO Future Work

  • [ ] Comint Mode / interacting with REPLs and subprocesses

  • [ ] Network API - Interacting with servers.

  • [ ] Add cross references

  • [ ] Emacs Widget Interfaces and Emacs User Interfaces

  • [ ] Add more examples about org-mode API.

  • [X] Add a better layout.

** Downloading it

Download manually

Automated download

#+BEGIN_SRC sh curl -L -o unzip -e rm -rf mv Emacs-Elisp-Programming-gh-pages Emacs-Elisp-Programming firefox Emacs-Elisp-Programming/index.html & #+END_SRC

View the extracted repository contents:

#+BEGIN_SRC sh $ ls Emacs-Elisp-Programming/ images/ index.html theme/ Elisp_Snippets.html Keybindings.html Customization.html Emacs_Key_Bindings_Elisp.html Development_Environment.html Resources.html Emacs_On_Windows.html Elisp_Programming.html Utilities.html Eshell.html Elisp_Snippets2.html #+END_SRC

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