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📚 University News Notifier

Bot API @UniversityNewsNotifierBot @cagataycali @emrfs

When any announcement at your university, notifier will notify you via telegram.

Node.js module to interact with official Telegram Bot API. A bot token is needed, to obtain one, talk to @botfather and create a new bot.


Start conversation with your bot


Bot will notify you when any announcement at your university


✨ Contribution Guideline

This guide will show you how to build and contribute to the project.

Clone and install dependencies

git clone
cd university-news-notifier
npm install

Add your parser in sites directory

Example parser json file,

    "university": "Pamukkale niversitesi",
    "faculity": "Computer Engineering",
    "url": "",
    "scrape": {
        "news": {
            "listItem": "tr",
            "name": "announcement",
            "data": {
                "url": {
                    "selector": "a.tumunuGorLink",
                    "attr": "href"
                "title": "div.tumunuGorBaslik",
                "publishedAt": "div.tumunuGorTarih"

Even you can add your rss listener,

    "university": "Yildiz Teknik niversitesi",
    "faculity": "Computer Engineering",
    "rss": ""

Also you can add your university parser with native javascript,

Check out:


Update university list

Check out here

Test your parser

Check out here

Run end to end test for results

npm run test

☁️ Deploy on your own notifier


⚡️ Status

University Crawling Site Status
Anadolu Universitesi OK
Boazii Universitesi OK
Dokuz Eyll OK
Ege niversitesi OK
Eskiehir Osmangazi niversitesi OK
stanbul Teknik Universitesi OK
Ondokuz Mays Universitesi OK
Pamukkale OK
Yildiz Technical OK

Lets parse your university feeds 😈

Or maybe help us for rss parsing feature.

Even you can support with your server, we don't want run on heroku.


Hosting backed by PlusClouds

Thanks for sponsorships 👍

Backed by PlusClouds

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