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cache2k Java Caching

cache2k is an in-memory high performance Java Caching library.

  Cache<String,String> cache = new Cache2kBuilder<String, String>() {}
    .expireAfterWrite(5, TimeUnit.MINUTES)    // expire/refresh after 5 minutes
    .resilienceDuration(30, TimeUnit.SECONDS) // cope with at most 30 seconds
                                              // outage before propagating 
                                              // exceptions
    .refreshAhead(true)                       // keep fresh when expiring
    .loader(this::expensiveOperation)         // auto populating function

For a detailed introduction continue with Getting Started.

Features at a glance


  • Spring Framework
  • Scala Cache
  • Datanucleus (via JCache)
  • Hibernate (via JCache)
  • .... and probably more, please raise an issue and get it listed!


For more documentation and latest news, see the cache2k homepage.

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