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Homebridge plugin to control Wemo devices

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Plugin Information

  • This plugin allows you to view and control your Wemo devices within HomeKit. The plugin:
    • does not require your Wemo credentials as uses local network discovery (SSDP) and local control
    • will attempt to control your devices via a local HTTP request
    • will attempt to establish a UPnP connection to your devices to listen for external changes (if disabled, HTTP polling is used)


  • To use this plugin, you will need to already have Homebridge (at least v1.3.4) or HOOBS (at least v4) installed. Refer to the links for more information and installation instructions.
  • It is recommended to use the current LTS version of Node, currently v14, however Node v12 is also supported.
  • For the UPnP connection, make sure your Homebridge instance has an allocated IP from the same IP network or VLAN as your Wemo devices. Otherwise you should disable the UPnP connection to avoid connection errors.






  • I am in no way affiliated with Belkin/Wemo and this plugin is a personal project that I maintain in my free time.
  • Use this plugin entirely at your own risk - please see licence for more information.

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