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Homebridge plugin to control Wemo devices

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Plugin Information

  • This plugin allows you to view and control your Wemo devices within HomeKit. The plugin:
    • will attempt to discover and control Wemo devices via your local network (UPnP)
    • does not require your Wemo credentials
  • ⚠️ You must make sure your Homebridge instance has an allocated IP from the same IP network or VLAN as your Wemo devices.


  • To use this plugin, you will need to already have Homebridge (at least v1.3.3) or HOOBS (at least v3.3.4) installed. Please refer to the links for more information and installation instructions.
  • It is recommended to use the current LTS version of Node, currently v14, however Node v10 and v12 are also supported.



How-to Guides




  • I am in no way affiliated with Belkin/Wemo and this plugin is a personal project that I maintain in my free time.
  • Use this plugin entirely at your own risk - please see licence for more information.

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