Buildout is a deployment automation tool written in and extended with Python
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Buildout56313 months ago5March 31, 2022138otherPython
Buildout is a deployment automation tool written in and extended with Python
2 years ago2otherShell
[PROJECT IS NO LONGER MAINTAINED] Wirbelsturm is a Vagrant and Puppet based tool to perform 1-click local and remote deployments, with a focus on big data tech like Kafka.
Puppi1461115 months ago24April 22, 201916otherPuppet
Puppet module to manage applications deployments and servers local management
19 years ago17May 08, 201410otherPython
Elegant deployment with Fabric and Puppet.
Drupal Lxc Vagrant Docker94
8 years ago2Puppet
Deploy and develop on Drupal with LXC, Vagrant and Docker. Includes: nginx,php-fpm,apc,xhprof,mysql,phpmyadim,composer
6 years ago7apache-2.0Shell
All {code] by Dell EMC related Vagrant projects
5 years ago4gpl-3.0Ruby
Server automation recipes for the LEAP Platform. Written mostly using puppet, and licensed under the GPLv3.
Spark Cluster Deployment43
9 years agoapache-2.0Python
Automates Spark standalone cluster tasks with Puppet and Fabric.
10 years ago3November 11, 20144apache-2.0Puppet
Rapid OpenStack deployment with puppet-dashboard or any other Puppet ENC
Puppetlabs Peadm29
3 days ago23apache-2.0Puppet
A Puppet module defining Bolt plans used to automate Puppet Enterprise deployments
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Buildout is a project designed to solve 2 problems:

  1. Application-centric assembly and deployment

    Assembly runs the gamut from stitching together libraries to create a running program, to production deployment configuration of applications, and associated systems and tools (e.g. run-control scripts, cron jobs, logs, service registration, etc.).

    Buildout might be confused with build tools like make or ant, but it is a little higher level and might invoke systems like make or ant to get its work done.

    Buildout might be confused with systems like puppet or chef, but it is more application focused. Systems like puppet or chef might use buildout to get their work done.

    Buildout is also somewhat Python-centric, even though it can be used to assemble and deploy non-python applications. It has some special features for assembling Python programs. It's scripted with Python, unlike, say puppet or chef, which are scripted with Ruby.

  2. Repeatable assembly of programs from Python software distributions

    Buildout puts great effort toward making program assembly a highly repeatable process, whether in a very open-ended development mode, where dependency versions aren't locked down, or in a deployment environment where dependency versions are fully specified. You should be able to check buildout into a VCS and later check it out. Two checkouts built at the same time in the same environment should always give the same result, regardless of their history. Among other things, after a buildout, all dependencies should be at the most recent version consistent with any version specifications expressed in the buildout.

    Buildout supports applications consisting of multiple programs, with different programs in an application free to use different versions of Python distributions. This is in contrast with a Python installation (real or virtual), where, for any given distribution, there can only be one installed.

To learn more about buildout, including how to use it, see

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