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💨 A simple, fast and easy-to-use blog 🚀

⚠️ Caution: Working in progress - It's not production ready 🚧

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  • 🌙☀ Theme: Support light and dark themes
  • 🐐 APi: Node-blog through Nodejs and express provide the Restful API
  • 🚜 Database: Data stored in Mongodb,Driven by Mongoose
  • 🔨 Powerful build: Use powerful webpack to build projects
  • 🍓 Framework support: React, Ant design, Express, Typescript, ...
  • 🌲 Nextjs: Support server-side render
  • 📲 Responsive: Responsive layout for mobile-side
  • ⚙️ Best Practices: Solid workflow to make your code healthy
  • ......


├─server // provide blog server api, based one nodejs, mongodb
client // client ui
├──web // front-end ui
├──admin // admin ui
├─docker-compose.yml // docker-compose config file


  • [x] Article tags
  • [x] Writing new article in browser
  • [x] Comments
  • [x] Search support
  • [x] Mobile web support
  • [x] Light theme & Dark theme
  • [x] Other support ...


1,clone code

git clone


cd **
npm install

3,init database data

// this will generate the faker data to database
npm run init:dev:data

4,run app

npm run dev     // development mode

4, build dist

npm run build   // build dist for server and client


The project has integrated related suites, such as client ui, dockerfile, docker-compose.yml. So you can easy to deploy the project.

  • First: I recommend that you debug locally and make changes to configuration information, such as database information and personal information.

  • Secondly: you can choice the docker to deploy this project. It is very esay. you only pull the project to your server and install docker, and run docker-compose build command, and run docker-compose up -d command


If you don't want to use docker, you must to cd the current item and run npm install or yarn install command.

At the same time, when finish install, you need to run npm run start:prod command.

Besides, you may need to install mongodb,before you run the application.

Environment dependence

Operating System: Linux, OS X or Windows.

Node.js Runtime: 12.x or newer; it is recommended that you use LTS Releases.

database: mongdb 4.x or newer;

Browsers support

Modern browsers and IE11.

IE / EdgeIE / Edge FirefoxFirefox ChromeChrome SafariSafari OperaOpera
IE11, Edge last 2 versions last 2 versions last 2 versions last 2 versions

Thank you:

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