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This repository contains the Statistical Reasoning and Quantitative Methods (SRQM) course, taught at Sciences Po in Paris by François Briatte (since 2010), Ivaylo Petev (2010-2013) and many others.

The course requires a working copy of Stata.

GitHub users - please feel free to report issues or ask for enhancements. Feedback on running the course with Stata 13+ is particularly welcome, as is feedback on running the course with older versions of Stata.

Sciences Po users - this course is currently on offer in the GLM (Urban School) and PSIA (International Affairs) Masters, under codes KGLM 2015 and KOUT 2030 respectively.

  • Instructors – please email me at [email protected] in order to receive an additional 'briefing pack' (detailed instructions and recommendations on how to run the course).

  • Students – your course instructor will provide you with all necessary course material, and will tell you in your first class how it should be installed on your computer. Welcome to the course!


See the course wiki for additional information and links:


Thanks first and foremost to Ivaylo Petev, who taught on the first versions of the course from 2010 to 2013, and who helped design much of the current course material.

Thanks also to all instructors who have run their own forks of the course over the years, including Mathilde Bauwin, Cyril Benoît, Joël Gombin, Andrey Indukaev, Filip Kostelka, Antonin de Laever, Antoine Marsaudon, Haley McAvay, Pavlos Vasilopoulos, and many others.

Additional thanks go to Emiliano Grossman, Antoine Jardin, Simon Persico, Daniel Stockemer, Tommaso Vitale and Hyungsoo Woo, and to the Sciences Po admin teams, with special thanks to Carole Bacheter, Andreas Roessner, Régine Serra and Mimi Maung-Trentin.

Last but not least, thanks to all current and past SRQM students, especially Alba Guesch, Leila Ferrali, Laura Maria Führer and Gabriel Odin, who took the course in the fall of 2010, and who generously suggested many improvements to it.


This is version 0.7.x (Winter 2019) of the course.


This repository contains Stata datasets that were downloaded from various data providers, and then slightly altered for teaching purposes. Please do not redistribute those.

The rest of the repository is under a CC-BY-SA license, where 'by' are François Briatte and Ivaylo Petev (Stata code) or François Briatte alone (related teaching material).

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