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An animated loop of text nodes for your headings. Uses react-motion for the transition so it handles super fast animations and spring params.

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npm install react-text-loop or yarn add react-text-loop

How to use

Edit react-text-loop

You can also run the examples by cloning the repo and running yarn start.


import TextLoop from "react-text-loop";
import Link from "react-router";
import { BodyText } from "./ui";

class App extends Component {
    render() {
        return (
                    <span>First item</span>
                    <Link to="/">Second item</Link>
                    <BodyText>Third item</BodyText>
                </TextLoop>{" "}
                and something else.


Prop Type Default Definition
interval number | array 3000 The frequency (in ms) that the words change. Can also pass an array if you want a different interval per children
delay number 0 A delay (in ms) for the animation to start. This allows to use multiple instances to create a staggered animation effect for example.
adjustingSpeed number 150 The speed that the container around each word adjusts to the next one (in ms). Usually you don't need to change this.
fade boolean true Enable or disable the fade animation on enter and leave
mask boolean false Mask the animation around the bounding box of the animated content
noWrap boolean true Disable whitepace: nowrap style for each element. This is used by default so we can always get the right width of the element but can have issues sometimes.
springConfig object { stiffness: 340, damping: 30 } Configuration for react-motion spring
className string Any additional CSS classes you might want to use to style the image
children node The words you want to loop (required)


Because <TextLoop> loops through its children nodes, only root-level nodes will be considered so doing something like:

        <span>First item</span>
        <span>Second item</span>
    <div>Third item</div>

will make first and second item to be treated as one and animate together.

You can also just send a normal array as children prop if you don't need any individual styling for each node.

<TextLoop children={["Trade faster", "Increase sales", "Stock winners", "Price perfectly"]} />;


Fast transition


<TextLoop interval={100}>...</TextLoop>;

Wobbly animation


<TextLoop springConfig={{ stiffness: 180, damping: 8 }}>...</TextLoop>;

For many other examples, please have a look at the CodeSandbox playground.


Please follow our contributing guidelines.



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