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Boxen via the Web


We assume you already have Boxen working on your machine. You also need PostgreSQL installed.

$ cd ~/src/boxen-web
$ script/bootstrap
$ script/tests
$ bin/rake db:schema:load
$ script/server
$ open http://localhost:9393


The tl;dr version is you can run something like this:

Make a new GitHub OAuth Application. Then, run:

heroku create my-new-boxen
heroku config:set \
  REPOSITORY="our-org/our-boxen" \
  GITHUB_ORG=my-github-org \
  GITHUB_TEAM_ID=99999999 \
  GITHUB_LOGIN=my-github-login \
  SECONDARY_MESSAGE="Do a thing before running the command below." \
  SECRET_TOKEN="your cookie signing token here" \
  USER_ORG="your org name" \
  GITHUB_ENTERPRISE_URL="https://github.<your_company>.com" \
git push heroku master
heroku run bundle exec rake db:migrate

For details as to how and why, see the sections below.

GitHub OAuth Application

Boxen Web utilizes GitHub OAuth to authenticate users because most Boxen configurations for organizations will be private -- this requires an access token to fetch the repository in the install script.

If your deployment lives at, you will need to create a GitHub OAuth application with the following config:


You must use the Heroku Cedar stack (now the default with heroku create).

Additionally there are some required and optional environment variables that should be set via heroku config:set:

  • required
    • REPOSITORY to know which repo to download/setup
    • GITHUB_CLIENT_ID for OAuth.
    • SECRET_TOKEN for cookie signing. Minimum length is 30 characters.
  • optional
    • GITHUB_ORG to restrict access to members of an organization.
    • GITHUB_TEAM_ID to restrict access to members of a team.
    • GITHUB_LOGIN to restrict access to a single user by login name.
    • SECONDARY_MESSAGE to display an optional message on the main page.
    • USER_ORG to display an optional stamp with your username or organization.
    • GITHUB_ENTERPRISE_URL to use GHE for OAuth and our-boxen hosting.
    • REF to fetch a specific reference from REPOSITORY.


Use Issues or #boxen on

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