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TODO: I don't like the repo name anymore, change it to something more generic

Connecting mesh network to the MQTT broker and tunneling MQTT protocol over Websocket.

Mesh network is based on the open-source MeshBee modules with Arduino end devices and Raspberry Pi acting as MQTT mesh network gateway. TODO: Add links to MQTT, etc

Overall project architecture: TODO: Awesome diagrams should be here

There are multiple pieces of the puzzle:

  • Arduino/libraries/mqttsn/folder. This is an MQTT-SN Arduino library, fork of theh with some minor bug fixes (TODO: get in touch with the repo owner to merge). Copy mqttsn folder into your Arduino libraries folder.
  • Arduino/MqttsnClient folder is an Arduino test sketch (publishes Arduino temperature to /arduino/temp topic). There is no frame logic, for now assuming direct/transparent serial connection to the broker.
  • "serial-mqtts" folder. Serial to MQTT-SN/UDP gateway. Dummy simple Python script to read MQTT-SN from serial port and send it as UDP packet.
  • RSMB Broker. Compiled version and configuration file of the "Really Small Message Broker" from
  • Websocket to TCP gateway. This is slightly modified "websockify" project from to tunnel MQTT over Websocket. Compatible with client.


  1. Test!
  2. Create PLC MQTT client.

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